15 May, 2015

Quilts in the Wild - Of My Home

While I was cleaning up and sorting quilts to put them on my awesome new racks, I decided to take inventory of the quilts at home. These are the quilts being used, abused, loved, cuddled, and slept with in our home. I did not style any of those photos. Just making that clear.

This guy lives for the kids. Needless to say we can't keep him off either of the girls' beds. All day, all night, when he isn't following them around. We rotate the quilts on the bed a lot.

My other daughter's bed. With two quilts, one ostensibly to keep the dog from dirtying the other one, but I usually find it on the floor.

My son's bed. The neatest of the bunch, but when you only weigh 35 pounds and have a full size bed only a small portion gets messy. This particular quilt is from A Month of Sundays.

Two quilts for two people. I've been quite chilly at night lately, so I have my voile quilt layered on top of my QuiltCon quilt.

And, just for the record, the beds usually get made in this house. One of the morning chores for everyone. But the day I took these pictures it was The Evil Genius' birthday and all rules went out the window. She may have had a bowl of whipped cream for breakfast too.

Books and quilts, a perfect combination. My little guy was snuggling with his gift from Amanda Jean and reading this particular morning, when not running around like a maniac screaming.

On the basement couch. Full on TV watching and family snuggles happen here. A baby quilt gifted when the Monster was born coordinates perfectly with one of the quilts from You Inspire Me To Quilt. Photograph by Christy Swanberg.

And upstairs in the living room. The only somewhat neat spot, but I have a habit of straightening it up after I do the dishes every night. Good old Missing U hanging out there, from Sunday Morning Quilts. Shh, but it is covering up a rip in the upholstery.

Between the quilts on the racks, this collection, and various quilts hanging in stores as class samples and promotions, as well as those out for publication, I have 51 quilts in my possession. Woah.


Sandra W said...

That's a lot of quilts!
Alas, I searched Homesense in Toronto and there were no potential quilt racks. Either there never were--or everyone who reads your blog already bought them.
I did see a wooden drying rack that might work--but I wasn't in the mood by that time. Drat.

Karen said...

Looks like a cozy, warm home filled with a busy family and beautiful, loved quilts!

Charlotta said...

That's a LOT OF BEAUTIFUL QUILTS. I'm not at home right now and it's been a while since I did an accounting. I've actually been wanting to count how many quilts I've made - which I can do, because on the advice of my very first quilt teacher, I've religiously photographed and kept a scrap book of all my quilts.
But my guesstimate is that I have about 10-13 quilts at my house and that I've made a total of at least 150 quilts during the almost 20 years I've been a quilter. When I get back from this trip, I will make that count.

Leanne said...

I should count the ones around my house, your collection is lovely.

Anonymous said...

You are a prolific quilter of beautiful quilts!

Jennifer said...

love all your quilts! you inspire me in many ways!

Bernie said...

That's a seriously high number but I love that they are in use and not just stored in a drawer but used for families and even dogs! I love your bright colours and your writing style. I found your blog several years ago and just rediscovered it again today. You've been one busy mom, wife, quilter, etc.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I just loved seeing all your beautiful quilts, being used and being loved. These images are so much better than staged ones!

James Franklin said...

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