20 May, 2015

You Inspire Me To Quilt - Introductions (Part 1)

You Inspire Me to Quilt is out in the world! Such an exciting moment and it never gets old. I can finally tell you all about the book, my amazing contributors, and where to get it.

Have you ever had someone in your life - not a quilter - who suggests some crazy idea for a quilt to you? An idea that you initially dismiss as ridiculous, difficult, or even impossible to translate into a quilt? Have you struggled to work out a design for an idea you wanted to try, for an inspiration that stopped you in your tracks? Well, you aren't alone. You Inspire Me To Quilt is all about that process - from inspiration to finished quilt, from Spark to Binding.

Each contributor to the book shared their process of design and making. That's on top of the pattern itself. We've also included insight from each quilter on a wide range of topics from teaching quilting, finding time for creativity, inspiration, and family. It was such a privilege for me to work with these amazing women, I am thrilled.

Amanda Jean Nyberg's quilt is all about honouring a special date. The inspiration was a clock radio and it took family movie night for her to get the idea from her husband into a way that got her excited. And lucky for readers, you don't have to share her husband's birthdate, she provided the pattern for all the numbers.

This is the quilt that my husband requested - for years. In fact, it was incessant asking for this quilt that inspired the book as a whole.

Never once in a million years could I imagine a quilt inspired by bacon, but here it is. It is so true to the inspiration, yet creates a really cool, modern design. Not to mention that Cynthia Frenette walks you through making a not quite improvised background for this quilt. I've already seen what her pattern tester did by changing up the colours and it makes it completely different.

Like bacon, I never would have gone to role-playing games as a source of inspiration. It isn't my world, but the notion of a story telling map based on hexagons makes perfect sense to a quilter. Rossie Hutchinson designed this quilt for her husband, a man with a passion for role-playing games. I adore the concept of using the quilt to tell a story - perfect for a family history, a wedding present, or bedtime creation. With so much sweet, novelty and graphic fabric available now this would be so much fun to do.

A good Canadian loves hockey. Okay, so that is a stereotype which I know isn't true. Personally, I love hockey. That's what got me so excited for Andrea Harris' quilt. Her husband requested a quilt to transport him back to Saturday night watching the Habs on Hockey Night in Canada. She filled the request with a quilt that mimics the colour and graphics of the hockey ice, but pixelated. In the centre she included a large maple leaf, but you could easily add your own design. I have a few nephews who would love this quilt so much, but I don't think Andrea's husband will give it up! Oh, and you should see the quilting!

Stay tuned for peaks from the other five quilts in the book.

Pick up You Inspire Me to Quilt on Amazon or request it at your local quilt shop.


elle said...

Congrats, Cheryl! Surely you must be living the Dream!!! :)

Jak and Will by Stephanie said...

I recently purchased and watched your class on turning inspiration into a quilt and found it really interesting. If this is anything like that, it will be great.

M-R Charbonneau said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations, Cheryl! I love those quilts -- a great teaser for the book, I'm sure!

Cynthia F said...

Woohoo! I'm so thrilled to be part of such a wonderful and innovative book! It's so neat to hear the inspiration behind somebody's work, and each quilt is so different and unique. Such a genius idea, well done!!!

Sondra said...

Hello, I just received this book and it is wonderful. A must for my library. I love the whole concept and reading about how the quilters were inspired.
Another great book from Cheryl.
Best to all,

felicity said...

Congratulations! So exciting!

Charlotta said...

Congratulations ! It looks beautiful!

house on hill road said...

Congrats Cheryl! It looks fantastic - can't wait to see it in person!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on launching this baby into the world! I got my copy on a day when I was just too unwell to move and it was the perfect reading matter. I love all the little tips and tid bits from you and the contributors, as with A Month of Sundays, it is the stories more than the patterns that make your books so wonderful for me. Well done!