18 June, 2015

Oh Canada Quilt - In Red

This particular quilt was started after the shooting at Parliament Hill in the fall. A strong sense of patriotism came over me, and many others. I took solace from the news and this incomprehensible act in my studio. It was nice to reflect and find comfort in the act of sewing.

This year happens to be the 50th anniversary of our Maple Leaf flag. With Canada Day coming it got me inspired to finish this quilt. Such a fun holiday, everyone is in such a good mood, there are barbecues and fireworks, and we are reminded at what a diverse and great population we have. It all seemed to be good motivation to finish the quilt top.

Not only that, it was nice to finish the quilt with positive feelings, with joy in my heart not pain. Sewing can do that, turn your mood around. But the quilt can also hold your mood. Taking a break helps change that, if you want to do so. That was exactly why I took a break. The imagery of our flag is joyous to to me and while it gave me comfort to make the first few blocks, I wanted the final quilt to be happy.

This version is a bit different too. Instead of making slabs and using those for the reds, I collected a bunch of different red fabrics. From flowers to geometrics to hockey themed fabric, it is all there. And because no two reds are the same, each block still looks distinct. I made it exactly the same size as my original Oh Canada quilt, which is a really good lap size.

Remember, in honour of the Maple Leaf's birthday, the Oh Canada pattern is on sale in my shop. Free shipping for the printed pattern and only US$7 for the PDF version.


Victoria said...

O Canada! O gorgeous! O thanks so much for sharing. Love, a fellow Canadian. xoxo

PegP said...

Beautiful Cheryl! Makes my little Canadian heart happy!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Love the variety of reds you have been able to find for this quilt. Excellent pattern, Cheryl, it'll go far, I bet.

Valerie Raye said...

Love your pattern, I made one flag for our upcoming Canada Day party...can't wait to make the entire quilt. Valerie Raye

Anonymous said...

What a great quilt! I would love to make it! You are an inspiring quilter and designer.