12 November, 2007

Check Out That Heiny

I am a firm believer in the backs of quilts. It is a rare quilt for me that has a single fabric as the backing material. Sure, when I started this is what I did. And the odd baby quilt will still have only one fabric (it is easy when one width of fabric covers the whole back). My theory is that the back of the quilt is still part of the quilt. It's not like it will never be seen - unless you keep it flat on the guest bed that never gets used. And don't get me start on labels...

There are the schools of thought that piece leftover fabric from the front. I've done this, but not been happy with the seemingly haphazard look - if you just use chunks of fabric. Rather, I like to actually have a design on the back. Often it is dictated by the fabric, as you can see in the first example below. Sometimes I am replicating a design used for the front. And sometimes it is just a simple design that showcases a couple of fabrics. I encourage you to step out of the neutral, solid backing and add some design to your heiny.

This weekend I lived up to my name and with the help of a quilting buddy I got the backs to two tops finished and ready for the long-arm. Here are the fronts and backs.

Circles and Stripes - Front, then Back

Black and White Retreat Quilt - Front, then Back

Now, I can't wait to get these quilted and put the labels on. I am making progress on the albatross of projects I have.

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Anonymous said...

That black and white retreat quilt is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen! I absolutley love it.

I found you from Jaquie's blog. I'm having a lovely time looking around. Your quilts are so inspiring.