20 November, 2007


It's snowing outside. It's about time! I am a big fan of winter. Unfortunately, it being 10:00 pm right now there is not much chance of getting a good picture to post. Maybe tomorrow.

Rather, I am posting a few photos of my dungeon in the basement. Inspired by Kay and others who were posting photos of their sewing/craft spaces I thought I would photograph mine. I did not clean it up before taking the photos. Oh, I wish I could actually call it a studio and be inspired by pretty colours, seeing all my stash at once and lots of space that doesn't have to be cleaned when my mother-in-law comes to visit. Alas, it takes up a large spot in our "New York Open Concept Loft Style" basement. A.K.A an unfinished basement. It was finished at one point but we had a flood during some major rains two years ago and we haven't been able to afford to rebuild.

All that being said, I have carved out a functional, if cold, space to work. We bought a large carpet remnant for the floor so my feets aren't so cold. A second carpet allows the Monster a soft space to play when I'm folding laundry or jsut trying to get one more strip pieced. The guest bed serves as a design "wall". Our storage shelves hold books, magazines, and notions. All my stash is stored in rubber bins (remember, we flooded...) by colour and fabric type. And I use three desks to work on. Two together allows for basting baby quilts and holding up large quilts when piecing and quilting. The other one is good for layout and cutting.

It ain't pretty but it works. Now, when we do finish the basement there is a studio space planned just for me. Should we take bets on just how long it will be before I get it?

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Samantha said...

I love the projects I can see in your space! Your colors are so much fun!

And space at all is a good thing- for many years, my "studio" was a corner of the master bedroom! Not so great when you want to work, but your husband is asleep.