18 January, 2016

Flying Geese for Small Wonders

Between studio clean up, the holidays, and obsession to finish and not start things I've managed to not start in on much. I made an exception - finally - for my Small Wonders fabric. You may recall that I was sent this fabric around Quilt Market in October to play with. I made a plan and now I'm going for it.

By going for it, I mean experimenting. Based on the sketch below you can see I was aiming for some flying geese of varying sizes. I've played around with it and not done much in the way of planning.

(There comes a point where that approach can bite you in the butt, but hey! That's the joy of improv.)

Based on my sketch I picked five of the fabrics to work with and paired them with a pale blue Essex Linen. Then I drafted out and cut a few different sizes of rectangles. Just putting the rectangles on the design wall had me changing things. That's design on the fly!

At this point I'm realizing it isn't going to end up exactly like my sketch. My triangles are simply too big. There isn't going to be that much negative space. So be it. I will play a bit more and see what it can be.

See, improv doesn't just mean wonky and no measuring. This is precision piecing and I only started with a rough sketch. It is totally improvised because I really don't know what it will be in the end.

To see more about my process on this quilt make sure to follow along on Periscope. You can catch my previous scopes here on Katch.me.


The Journey Is The Destination said...

I love this quilt design! As for needing more negative space.... can you increase the overall quilt size? This would look epic as a King bed cover.

Karen said...

I love the sketch with just outlined geese on a stark background. This is inspiring an improv project of mine! Thanks for sharing your process.

Karen said...

(from a different Karen!) Cheryl, thanks so much for the attached video--it's really great to hear what you're thinking while making design choices.

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