29 December, 2014

Quilts Under Construction - December 2014

My finishing kick for December is still in full swing. So far I've finished 4 quilts - the Christmas Tree quilt and 3 others I still need to photograph and share. There are 2 more waiting for binding, but those won't get done before the end of the year. And if the kids cooperate I might get just one more done before midnight...

Hubby bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas, so I see a lot more finished coming as I will be able to free motion quilt at home again! I've got ALL the motivation now. If only I had the time.

To keep me on top of things I've decided to update this list quarterly. I've also got a goal in mind for keeping moving on some of these longer term projects, more about that in my next post. So here is the list as it stands. Watch for the updates. And look, the number is below 40 now! It is exactly how old I am, how convenient.

Quilt Tops Ready for Quilting

1. Cosmos Blocks
2. Improv Sampler
3. Checkerboard from Sunday Morning Quilts
4. Slaveship Quilt -
5. Old Amy Butler quilt top
6. The Evil Genius' Triangle Quilt
7. A low volume rainbow mini quilt that I've never shared with you.
8. Giant Hexagons
9. Values Plus
10. One red/purple turquoise quilt intended for magazine publication
11. Cirrus Solids Pinwheel top

Quilts Being Quilted

12. Low Volume Circles - I'm plugging away on the hand quilting, slowly. Actually, I don't think I've touched this in 2 years. Maybe this winter?
13. Antonio's Quilt - For some reason I've stalled on the quilting, yet I don't have much more to do.

Waiting for Binding

14. Alturas
15. QuiltCon Quilt
16. All voile quilt

Blocks and Process

17. Mid Mod Bee - Blocks to be assembled into a top
18. Hand Pieced Diamonds - I think I'm done with these, but I would like to get it into a quilt top.
19. More Cosmic Burst blocks - I have a whole other set of blocks for a baby quilt
20. Name quilt for my daughter - still haven't done anything on this. It might become the back for a new bed quilt for her. Maybe.
21. Chandelier quilt - was so close, then discovered a big mistake and have never fixed it
22. Liberty Circles - These have sat, but I was recently thinking about them. Maybe this winter?
23. Respite - a project started in a Bill Kerr design workshop
24. Pieced Stars - a BOM I started years ago when I wanted to do some precision piecing breaks when doing a lot of improv
25. The Water Quilt
26. Low Volume Shoeman's Puzzle/Slab blocks
27. A values quilt in neutrals (Class sample, so I keep adding more blocks each time I teach the class)
28. Green/Yellow/Orange Improv blocks (Class sample, so I keep adding more blocks each time I teach the class)
29. Sunday Morning in Solids
30. Edges/Studio Stash Play - I do hope to finish this for a friend. It requires a day or two with no deadlines/kids in the studio
31. Beach Grass Take 2 - this would make a perfect bed quilt for the girls and their new beds. And it goes together so quickly...
32. Y2K quilt - slowly, slowly with this one as I piece it as leaders and enders
33. Another leaders and enders project, intended to be like Up, Up, and Away from Sunday Morning Quilts
34. Round and Round blocks - these are addictive and I wish I could make them all day long
35. Snippets on Dates
36. Circle Lattice
37. Leftovers from Modern Paris
38. Orange Circles from Craftsy/Perfect Circles class samples
39. Gee's Bend inspired blocks after my trip to Alabama.


Improv Drunkard's Path - a gift, yet to photographed and shared.
French's Vintage Top - quilted, bound, and recently gifted back to the family it was made by/discovered.
Argyle - A gift for my nephew, but also a potential magazine publication, so I can't share it yet.
Caterpillar - I've shared the top before, but I need to share the finish quilt.
There is Peace in Pattern
Mountain Meadows
Giant Dresdens
Modern Paris
Improv Sewing Machines
Shimmer Table Runner
Equalizer - coming soon in You Inspire Me to Quilt


Suzanne said...

Your work is inspiring as is your goal and your method of accountability. I can't wait to see the list get whittled down.

audrey said...

Your list is awesome. Love to see it broken down like that!

Leanne said...

How lovely to get a new sewing machine, what kind of machine did you get?

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Great list, it certainly shows your achievements, must try that.

Sandra W said...

I'm going to do the same thing. Make a list. A bit scary but I don't think I have 40 to do!
I'm more interested in how you hope to get them done---

CherylM said...

The list proves that you are always an optimist! Quilting, like any passion, is not about the finishing but the creating.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Lots of progress being made I hope. Just seeing your list of all the quilt in various stages is inspiring me. I have lots in the same boat. Time to get them out and take stock of what needs to be done and what needs to be forgotten. Well probably never forgotten but donated perhaps. Happy New Year.

Libby said...

Wait you can't tell me your husband bought you a new machine and your not telling us what it is??????

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