04 December, 2014

Antlers on Plaid - A Mini Quilt

                                                                   Antlers on Plaid
                                                                          15'' x 15''

I made a mini.

In the spirit of embracing a challenge posed to me, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone I made a mini quilt. And it didn't kill me.

But, I didn't particularly enjoy it. Of course I didn't hate it, I was making a quilt after all. I can't say as it was something I really want to do again. It seemed like a lot of effort for something so small. You have to do all the same steps you would if you were making a full size quilt. So yes, it goes quick and there is the satisfaction of a finish, but it seemed like too much work. Not to mention any mistakes you make are magnified.

On top of that, what the heck am I going to do with it?! We aren't really quilts on the wall people - with a few exceptions. And I don't need any table runners/mug rugs. So this particular one will now be on its way to my sister as she asked for it.

When I decided to accept the challenge to make a mini I also decided to tackle a few things that irritate me. Go the whole way with pushing myself. So I pieced a red plaid pattern. I'm sick of seeing red plaid on everything this winter - from men disguising themselves as urban lumberjacks to Christmas cards. Lumbersexuals and their beards are not for me. Another thing I am sick of are antlers. Antlers on everything. I have family and friends that hunt for meat and if they want to mount antlers then so be it. And when I started seeing stag heads on quilts and stationary I kind of liked them. But now? Not so much.

Of course, someone commented that the antlers look more like Grinch hands and that is all I can see now.

So I made the mini. Don't expect me to make more.


Andrea R said...

This post is awesome. :D

christaquilts said...

Ha ha! I agree with you on so many levels :-) I prefer my man to be clean shaven!

Although I did make a mini quilt recently (for an article), it reminded me of the time in the 90's that I made a few and decided they weren't for me then either, LOL!!

Grinch hands - I love it!

Leanne said...

I once made a mini quilt that had 63 blocks (well, half of them are just a plain square. It was about 16" x 13". Maybe you would enjoy full size quilts made in miniature? (its here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/55389776@N08/6050618665/)

Linda said...

Lovely photos. Warm greetings from Montreal. :)

Lauren said...

Hahaha, that sounded Grinchy enough to be me (I just finished organising and working at the Advent market for my kids' kindergarten. Nothing kills the seasonal spirit faster).
I have a half-height cupboard with panelled doors in the foyer for coats. Stuff like this hangs there for one season then goes to whomever admired it.

Charlotta said...

Love your attitude, and the self confidence you have which allows you to express and post it exactly like you feel it. I bet you're so much the happier for it, and all the rest of us get a good laugh out of it.
I actually like your quilt, but I wonder how many people are going to copy your mini and be willing to admit it?
I'm impressed how quickly you made this mini, whenever I try to make something which isn't really "me," I kind of lock up and it takes me forever to finish it. That goes even for big quilts, if I just don't really like the fabrics or the pattern. I have occasionally allowed somebody else to have too much input into a quilt I was making for somebody else, and it can completely ruin my ability to get into the creative groove.
Just make exactly what you like to make.

PegP said...

It's a good exercise to make yourself do something outside of your norm every once in a while, so bravo for being confident enough to do that! You may not be that fond of it, but I think it looks great!

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