15 July, 2013

Just One Slab - Midpoint Collection Update


In just two weeks of email this is the stack of slabs you awesome folks have sent in. 276 slabs as of this morning, before this week's mail delivery starts.

It is impossible for me right now to email everyone to say your slab has arrived. I apologize for that, but  almost 100 envelopes have arrived. I take each parcel, open it with my girls, then fill out my big spreadsheet with names and addresses so proper a thank you can eventually be made.

I'm blown away by the generosity of many. 36 blocks made from hand dyed scraps!? So many simply gorgeous blocks made with love by all of you.

Considering that each quilt will be made with 20 or 25 blocks, we are well on our way to over a dozen quilts. And with more volunteers emerging here in Calgary to assemble and long arm the quilts I am thrilled to know so much love will be available come delivery time in September. And with the news that temporary housing for folks still displaced is delayed this makes the project even more important.

I should also acknowledge the quilt tops and finished quilts coming in. Last count had 6 complete quilts and over 30 quilt tops sent in to me for donation. Those have all been taken to the local shops coordinating the big effort.

Can't wait to see what arrives in the mail this week. My awesome mailman has taken to delivering our mail last on his route, so he can come in his car!

**** Please make sure you send me at email to get a mailing address.**** 
mamaark AT gmail DOT com 
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Holly said...

Excellent results so far, Cheryl! Can't wait to see you this week and send you home with contributions from the Vancouver and Fraser Valley MQGs!

Brenda said...

mine are in the mail. how are you for $$ to buy supplies? don't be afraid to ask for that. and I don't need a formal thank you -- I'm happy I can help. Some of us in Manitoba are figuring out how to collect quilts and get them over there in one shipment -- probably through some of the aid agencies.

Nicole said...

Cheryl - I've got half a dozen here at my house; what's your address?

Mary-Kay said...

Your poor mailman! Hopefully he/she knows it's for a great cause.

Dominique said...

That is awesome! My five blocks are in the envelope, and I am on my way to the post office. Such fun to make.

Sandra said...

Hi Cheryl,
My guild stepped up and made over 40 blocks. They'll be on their way to you soon from the Gorge Quilt Guild in Grand Falls, New Brunswick.
Please send me your address so I can mail them to you!

barbandemily said...

Please get in touch with your address so i can send mine! I've had them done for a week and check my email daily for your info.

What a great project!

ipatchandquilt said...

Can't wait to see what those blocks will turn into!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com