04 May, 2010

Workshop in Progress - May 5

So, I can't decide if this is going to be really ugly or really cool. It is my values quilt-a-long quilt. I don't know, what do you think? So far I am loving Smilosaurus' PJs more.

Oh Elle, I adore how you challenge yourself. All of us should be this brave and this open with the process. In the Coop, Elle has been sharing her various challenges - both the struggles and the successes. It really is a testament to my goal with WIP and the notion of blogging. She puts herself out there, is learning from the shared comments and the challenges. Thanks Elle! Her post this week demonstrates that perfectly.

A big thank-you to Lesly at Pickle Dish for hosting the workshop last week.


Lesly said...

I did that quiltalong and I can tell you it doesn't look like anything until you put it together and then it's magic. Also, the beauty of it is that there are so many layouts that work so well that you will be sure to find one that really calls out the unique quality of your HSTs. Persevere: you won't be sorry. P.S. My pleasure to help out last week!

felicity said...

My vote is: "really cool" and I LOVE all the circles/dots I see in those fabrics.

Stephanie said...

It's going to look really cool. You can't go wrong with a value quilt and they always come out looking just magical.

elle said...

I've been pondering your project as I handstitch a binding. First, I do like that shirt. I'm not totally sure what a value quilt is but even for a scrap quilt I always make sure there is one constant. It can be the shape but sometimes that is too subtle. If you can identify a constant then I say you are well on your way to a successful quilt.

sweetsalty kate said...

Hi Cheryl - just saw your comment at sweet | salty, that's lovely. Shoot me an email, will you? Just had to say a proper hello, partly because of you knowing Justin somehow, but also because we're both immersed in quilting. You thanks to your own industry, and me thanks to being born into the Nova Scotia Quilting Mafia. My mom's the John Gotti, except with cookies.
xo Kate
sweetsaltykate(at) gmail