07 April, 2010

Workshop in Progress - April 7

It's a late day for me, my apologies for coming to the Workshop late. There hasn't been a lot of sewing for me with some deadlines approaching on other projects. But a few of you have been busy.

Lesley over at Pickle Dish is busy working out of her comfort zone. This is a perfect post for us in the Workshop. I can just imagine all of us standing in front of her fence and collaborating on this design. Take a moment to view her post and lend your thoughts.

Because she is funny and she is working on an amazing project I want you to go check our Rachel at 2nd Avenue Studios. Any maybe you've got a thought or two on her corners.

Elle is still working on wonky, but she's made some good progress. And what about the use of black and whites?! But where to go from here?

Have a good week everyone! 

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