19 October, 2009

Are You Ready?

Quilt Festival is over and I'm sad I didn't win any prizes.  But I did get around to a number of sites and saw some fantastic quilts.  I also found some wonderful new-to-me blogs.  Thank-you to all my visitors and welcome to my new followers and subscribers.

Now, however, is it time to move on to the Gratitude Quilt Along for that quilt design. This Wednesday I will be launching the Quilt Along. This will be a 6 week event, from fabric choice to finishing. Of course there is no obligation to finish it in that time frame, but I'll be sewing right along with you and working my hardest to finish in those six weeks as well. If all goes well I am going to incorporate some video along the way, in addition to detailed pictures and instructions.

This quilt is a modern design, but it is based on a very traditional quilt - the Rail Fence.  Unlike a traditional Rail Fence this quilt uses more fabrics, the strips are uneven sizes, and the blocks are cut on an angle. It is a very easy quilt to put together but, as you can see, gives you a very bold design. Fabric choice is really important so our first on-line class will focus on the fabric selection.

We'll see you on Wednesday!


Lesly said...

Ooh! Can't wait!

Jessica said...

I love this quilt! I am looking forward to the quilt along!

Molly said...

Oh man!! I love this quilt! This is just in time for Christmas giving too.

What are your thoughts on making two quilts simultaneously? Have you ever tried it? I'm wondering if it would be easier since they are both the same or if I'd be pulling my hair out and ruing the day I began this insane project. Just thinking I'd have one to give away and one for me!

Rene' said...

Call me crazy with all the other projects I have started, but count me in. Can't wait to hear about the fabric selection. See you tomorrow!

bingo~bonnie said...

love your quilt photo - great color choices ... all those neutrals with bits and pieces of dark colors. ;) Looks like a basket weave to me ;)

Good luck with your quilt-along. Will you be posting links to everyone else who joins you?? If so I'd love to take a peek and see their progress.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

patty a. said...

I would love to join the quilt along even though I do not have a blog. This design will be perfect for the family Christmas quilt. My Mom started a tradition of making a quilt to raffle off at our family get together for Christmas. The last person's name to be pulled from the can was the winner of the quilt - see there were 8 children and my mom could not decide who should get the quilt so this was a way to do it. Since my mom passed and I have her stash, I still make a quilt every year in her memory to raffle off. Well, guess who has been too busy remodeling both her bathrooms to make this years quilt? This will be a great way to use the small pieces left in my mom's stash and get the Xmas quilt done!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to come back and do this one sometime!