29 January, 2008

Winter blechs

We had a blizzard on the weekend. A blowing, freezing-arse cold blizzard. It is still bloody cold out (-50 Celcius). And I developed a gastro bug overnight so I spent the day on the couch. It gave me good practice for my latest effort:

With my last pregnancy I ended up on bed rest for nearly three months. I couldn't go up and down the stairs so quilting was out. Well, that and I had trouble sitting for any amount of time. In the end, hand work was out too as my hands were so puffy from carpal tunnel and high blood pressure that I could barely hold a pen for long.

So far so good (other than complete exhaustion and almost daily nausea). But I wanted to be prepared, so I decided a hand hobby was necessary. With this as inspiration I finally signed up for a 101 class. Hubby isn't happy - one more crack cocaine habit.


atet said...

Watch out, the knitting thing can be really addictive. But, oh so fun!

Samantha said...

Welcome to another truly addictive hobby. I love being able to go between knitting and quilting as the mood strikes. I only hope you won't be bed bound and forced to knit- rather that it will be a fun choice!