02 June, 2014

Playing for Karen

So many people are on Instagram these days and many people credit it with the downfall of blogs. It may be that people love the immediacy of Instagram. Me, I love the inspiration and camaraderie of it.

I follow Karen Lewis on Instagram. She does incredible screen printed fabrics, and even sells bags and such. Not to mention she's got a book coming out called Screen Printing at Home. On Instagram I find her funny and wildly inspirational. If there wasn't a continent and ocean separating us I imagine a good old fashioned catch up with her over challah and tea. And then she would teach me just an ounce of what she does and I would explode with creative joy.

A few weeks back Karen posted pictures of a bee project she has going on. Her contributors are making rows of isosceles triangles, inspired by this incredible antique quilt. Now, I'm not in her bee. I'm quite a bad bee member, if I'm being perfectly honest. But I loved the fabrics and thought this might be a perfect small challenge. Maybe something to pull me a little bit out of my slump?

While I cannot attest to the success or failure of a life changing bit of sewing, I can say that I quite enjoyed a little rustle through my fabric and an hour of sewing in the sunshine.


Lisa J. said...

That's a beautiful antique quilt and yours is looking just as lovely. Glad you found some inspiration.

Charlotte said...

I can absolutely confirm that Karen is just as hilarious and lovely in real life as she appears on the interwebs!

patty a. said...

The first quilt I ever made was a thousand pyramid quilt. I hand cut 324 triangles for that quilt. I hand quilted it and even though it was six years from start to finish, I did finish it!