28 May, 2014

Playing with Stars

I'm chugging along and playing where I can. Working through this slump, pulling out old projects and trying new things. Last week, on my birthday, I got in the mood for some precision piecing. Rather than create any old random block I decided to add to my star collection.

Sitting in a bin was a little collection of 8 stars. I started them 7 years ago. Yup, that's how long ago. They were a Block of the Month from Planet Patchwork called Celestial Migraine. At the time I started them I did plan on keeping up - don't we always plan that with BOMs?! Then, as now, most of my sewing was improv based so taking a mental break to precision piece was nice. I also chose these soft colours and that provided a respite from the saturated colours I was using all the time too.

Well, I never downloaded all the patterns and the final quilt layout. It disappeared from the site and I could no longer find it. But, I did remember that is was a sampler of star blocks, with loads of Friendship Stars scattered among them. So last week I picked a star pattern (Pat's Star) off of Quilters' Cache to add to my collection. It was a spot of fun sewing and complemented the existing stars quite well.

I must admit, I'm kind of excited about these now. I'm going to make a few Friendship Stars and float them in background fabric. The stars I have finish at 12'' square, so I'm going to finish my Friendship Stars at 6'' square. I'd like to have all my stars float on the background a bit more so I'm going to play with layout.

(Scroll through here to see a version of the original pattern.)

Who knows how long these will stay up on my wall and when I can play again? I am quite enjoying their sunny nature and it was exciting to shop my stash for fabric additions. Another step forward in reclaiming my creativity.


Victoria said...

Hi Cheryl, just did some catch-up on your blog posts, and read about the slump you are experiencing. You write so beautifully and honestly about it, and I, (like many others) can relate so very well to what you have been going through.

I think nature has a way of saying to us in these slump periods, "slow down... really, truly, slow down. breath in. breath out. just. be. still."

Allow your self time to just sit, sip tea, (or beer!) go for slow walks, treat yourself with the utmost tender, love. Don't focus on what isn't getting done, or what you feel you should be doing. Be as in the moment as you can be. Do simple childlike things such as looking for shapes in the clouds, and watching dust particles float in sunlight
through the windows. Laugh as much as you can, and cry if you feel like crying. But hang in there... your mojo will rise again, stronger then ever.

I marvel at all you have managed to accomplish with three small kids. When I was raising my two, just getting dinner on the table sometimes seemed like an overwhelming task. But now that mine are grown, I can say that I am left breathless at how fast it all went by, and that I never have wished, not for one moment, that I had sewed more, or written more articles, or done more craft shows, or volunteered more, (all things that I did do to some degree while raising my girls)... nope, the only thing that I ever find myself wishing for are more memories of time spent with my kids and husband. (And that I had been a little more chill and easy going).

Somewhere there is a balance between it all, our desire and need to be creative and active, to be nurturing mothers and loving wives, to have things neat and tidy, to help others and to take care of ourselves... and I guess the sweet spot exists where ever that balance is. I use to think it would be found in the doing... now I am starting to think it is found in the being. xo

Sondra said...

Hello Cheryl,
I love your stars. The asymmetry of the top star tugs at my heart! Wonderful.
I am back following your blog again and so glad.
Great comment by Victoria also, so thoughtful...as you both are.
Best wishes,

Lee D said...

Hopefully the cheery yellow stars are brightening your day as the rain falls and the clouds let no sun through

Linda Kay said...

Beautiful stars!

Kat said...

sending you a big, quiet hug.