25 November, 2014

And Again - Another Circle Lattice block

I couldn't help myself. One just wasn't enough. Firstly, hand appliqué is wildly addictive for me. Second, this pattern is pretty awesome - it makes appliqué so attractive to a quilter like me with modern design sensibilities. And third, I am incapable of making small quilts unless a real, tiny human is going to be involved.

So now there is another Circle Lattice block under way.

This time I made my life a little bit easier. Mostly because I was anxious to get to the appliqué part. I machine basted, instead of hand basting. I was nervous about this; worried that the appliqué would shift as I pivoted here and there to get it all down. That meant I pinned a lot. It also meant I got pricked a lot. Next time I will glue, then machine baste. From 6 hours down to 1 for basting.

And then on to the appliqué, the best part.


elle said...

machine basting. cool idea!!!

Julierose said...

i am awaiting my copy of Carol's book to add to my library (thanks for the tip); I like your circles a lot...I am an old-fashioned quilt gal , but I think my Grand'mere would love this one!! Hugs, Julierose

shannyn kelly said...

Wow! I admire quilters who have the patience to do all that hand work! Well done.

CapitolaQuilter said...

Love it. Makes me want to appliqué

Charlotta said...

Just beautiful! Though never a project I'd undertake, I'm definitely a Piecers!
But wait! Is this reverse appliqué? In the close-up, it sure looks like it is?
Until then, I definitely thought/assumed you were appliquéing the various black and white pieces onto the purple fabric.
Whatever you're doing, keep making more - your fabric choices are perfect.

Carolyn said...

On fire!