08 May, 2013

Workshop in Progress - Inspired by a Little Boy Painting

Sometimes inspiration hits and you just have to run with it. Regardless of what the to-do list looks like. The moment I saw this photo I knew I would translate it into fabric. There was just something about the energy of his painting, the colours, the shape... It all combined into a flood of Must Make That Into a Quilt Now!

My friend here in Calgary, Katrina, is often inspired by an artist friend of hers, Shimon Kate, so I find it kind of interesting that I was inspired by art in her family. Overlapping circles formed everywhere.

Here's where I'm at now (thanks to a random afternoon with school/playdate and sick baby taking a long nap). When I first started I envisioned it with four blocks. Something about emphasizing the notion of a quadrant. Now that I see these together I still like that. But it needs to be sized up and filled in a bit. Right now this would only make a wall hanging. And I want those red strips to be floating between each other more.

Or, I could make more... or not have such a precise layout. (I am a bit worried about the defining lines that would be created when these become 4 actual blocks. I think I can manage that with judicious fabric placement, but maybe not.)

Any other thoughts? I'm open to any and all suggestions.


Andrea said...

could you somehow encorporate one large red + to marry the four separate blocks together? or do some kind of offset brown swishy strip in there.... looks really good so far!

Living in the Bay said...

Very inspiring photo. What if you turned the blocks so they look like they're spinning? It would mean some would be on point, but it would give it movement. Or add blue swirling sashing between them to highlight the blocks? What a great beginning!