08 February, 2013

Friday Favourites: Q-Snap Frame

A hand quilter by nature I am not. I don't mind it, especially the methodical nature of doing it, but I don't love it.

That being said, I've had this project lingering and it is time to get it done. (Oh, those UFOs!)  Besides, it is winter and there  is some good TV on. Now I feel productive while watching Finding Bigfoot with the family.

I love my Q-Snap frame for hand-quilting. I'm a stabber, as opposed to a rocker, with my hand quilting, so keeping the fabric taut is important. Armed with my frame and my over the shoulder mentor in Barb I am set. This winter I will finish this quilt.


Barb Robson said...

Yea for stab stitchng! Remember - keep your needle straight, keep your quilt taut on the frame and use a short length of thread...have fun. It is a good day to quilt here as we wait for the blizzard some are calling "Nemo" and up to 2' of snow! We have battened down the hatches, just need some wine!

elle said...

When I did it, I stabbed! Double yay for stabbers! lol

Annie Crow said...

So glad to read "I'm a stabber". My quilts so far have all been of thick materials and impossible to "rock".

Lee D said...

Good thing our winters are long, you'll have until mid April lol. I haven't hand quilted in years. I rocked but not too much.