16 May, 2012


Never in my entire life did I expect to take a trip to Kansas City. Not once. But here I am, sitting in an airport lounge with this as my current view.

We're on our way to Quilt Market. And we missed our flight. That means I get the chance to chat here before we go. I'm excited to let you know about the events we have going on at Market.

Schoolhouse Session
May 17, Thursday
Room 2203 

Amanda and I will have treats, there will be books to giveaway and a pile of quilts from Sunday Morning Quilts on display, and loads of info about the book.

(C&T/Stash Books has a whole pile of schoolhouse sessions scheduled, so make sure you take in some of the others, if you can.)

Book Signing
May 19, Saturday
1:00 pm 
United Notions/Moda Booth 124

Join us to get your book signed by BOTH of us.


In other Sunday Morning Quilts news, we were so excited to hear of an on-line bee inspired by the book. Charlotte at Grammie Q's is hosting an on-line bee/swap. Check it out!


Terriaw said...

How exciting to be attending Market, especially as a presenter! Bummer about your flight. Safe travels to you and the little family. Good luck at Schoolhouse, and have a good time!

Miriam in KS said...

Welcome to the midwest! I'm within an hour or so to the west, just a bit across the Missouri/Kansas state line. Good luck and have a fabulous time while you are here.

I will be picnicking and saying good bye to preschoolers while you are enjoying Quilt Market.

Once again--Welcome!

Victoria said...

Hoping everything else goes smoothly! Enjoy!!

Beth said...

You and Amanda did a great presentation at school house. So happy I got to see you there. Wish I had my copy of the book with me, but I didn't.
Hope you have recovered from the whole market experience.
When is the next book? ;)

Allison said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl!!!!

Clair said...

It was good to meet you at Market. Hope your trip back home was less eventful than your trip to KC.

craftytammie said...

i loved meeting you at market! your schoolhouse was awesome(and the only one where i got m&ms, nice touch!)

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