14 May, 2012

Pretty Thanks

Have you ever heard of the Irish Rovers? They are a Canadian institution and I can't have a party without thinking of them. Even if that party involves babies, books, and quilts instead of  gin, whiskey, or 3 or 4 6-packs,  I don't know.

Thank-you so much to Bernadette at Traditional Pastimes, my family, guild members, friends, and even fans who came out to see quilts, get their books signed, and celebrate Sunday Morning Quilts with me.

There I am, multi-tasking. Nursing and signing books at the same time. This will be me at Market in a few short days. Hoping I can get through my Schoolhouse without a baby on my boob.

For a limited time only The Monster was signing books with me. It was freakishly adorable, actually. She found anyone walking through the store who didn't have a book in their arms and asked them to buy a book. Then she brought them to the table, handed them the book (then took it back to hand to me to sign), then signed it herself. If Bernadette had let her she would have taken their money too. By the end of the night she was working on her own signature, instead of simply printing her name.

This is my friend Andrea. She came out with her family to snuggle Nikolai, er... get her book signed. I absolutely love hanging out with Andrea. And we met on-line, through our quilting blogs (Check out hers!). More testament to the power of friendships built through quilting and binary code.

And thank-you to my readers here and fans of the book. Did you hear that we sold out of the first printing already? That is such a thrill to know there are so many people out there excited about their scraps and pretty quilts. Thank-you so much!


Diane said...

Great to see the photos from your signing! I went to Amanda Jean's book signing in Madison, WI last week and had a great time. Love your book!

charlotte said...

Love your book. Congratulations on your success. It is well deserved.

Carla said...

I should have been there! I have yet to see your book, but I know already it's great and I will get it soon :). Congratulations!

Andrea said...

It was so great to see you in your element and support you....and hold baby...and drink pelligrino and allow dh to deal with 6 year old meltdown instead of me. LOL
I'm sure this was great practice for next week. It's such a fantastic book!

M-R said...

The Irish Rovers rock! So glad to hear that the book signing went well and congrats on selling out the first printing!

Carla said...

Congrats on the second printing and the fun book signing. You look radiant : )
I am on quilt #3 of the book. Love it!

CitricSugar said...

Glad to hear the signing was such a success and that the wee babe was well-snuggled!

Adorable that your young one is already working on her autograph. :-)

Suzanne said...

It's great that you were able to involve your kiddos in the book signing process. It's clear they are some of your biggest fans!

Anonymous said...

I want my copy signed by the Monster as well!! And maybe her sister could draw a picture or something :) I should have brought it with me to KC! xox Amy