06 February, 2012

Book or Baby?

Well, I've come to 31 weeks pregnant! If it wasn't for an extended bout of single parenting I'd probably be managing the pregnancy quite well too. I'm exhausted - what with the kidlets, the dragon in my belly, keeping up with my nesting instinct, and the bits of work I manage to get in there. Oh, and the quilting.

At this point I am trying to clean up the house because it is becoming evident that the basement won't be done before baby arrives. That means this dragon will need a home. I predict a basket on the dining room table, just like the girls. So I'm cleaning up piles of crap and organizing things to find just a bit of empty space for breathing room.

I'm also gathering. Books and things for the girls to keep them busy during those long hours of nursing at the beginning. A stack of projects to plug away on in any free moments. The cell numbers of our neighbourhood friends when I need a playdate or school pick-up. Just the basics.

And I, we, are planning for the arrival of Sunday Morning Quilts too. We've heard that advance copies are on their way to us, but we've yet to see them. The book itself should be shipping to stores and pre-orders in March at some point.

That leads me to a little bet we've got going on. Which will come first - the book or the baby?

You see, both the girls were born at 37 weeks. That's only 6 weeks from now, right around St. Patrick's Day. As opposed to my due date, on Easter weekend.

I thought I would let you all in on our bet. So, leave a comment below with your best guess on book and baby arrival. Pick a date for both. For example, Baby - March 15 and Book March 20.

Obviously, the baby's arrival will be confirmed by me. As to the book's arrival, I will go with the first date I hear of someone getting their book(s). This can be an individual or a store. Be honest, now.

The winner will be the person closest on both accounts. I'll put together a little prize. Depending on how well the baby is doing it may or may not include the baby. (Kidding.) I've also got a poll going in the sidebar, just for fun.

May the best person win. Oh wait, I'm pretty sure that gets to be me. May the next best person win.


Molly said...

I love hearing about the busyness of your days. Since my youngest went to college I kinda miss the hustle and bustle of kids in the house. My first two were born early and with my third I was totally confident he'd be early too. Sooo ... when I went close to the actual due date I felt like I was pregant 10 months.

I'm picking April 6th for the baby date and March 10th for the book date. Good Luck!!

mjb said...

I'm gonna say March 17 for the baby (wear green!) and March 23 for the book.

Ray and Jeanne said...

Oh, I remember those exhausting days. Take care and try to carve out a few minutes for you each day! I'm guessing April 3 for the baby and March 11 for the book. ~Jeanne

Debbie said...

im just a few weeks behind you in pregnancy!

I pick book- March 30

baby - April 1st

Janny said...

I love your sense of humor!
Baby: March 21
Book: March 14

stitchinpenny said...

My Guess is baby March 16
book March 22

Esch House Quilts said...

Baby: March 20
Book: March 30

Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

I just found your blog via a pin on Pinterest.

I see you are in Calgary - I am too! I also have two girls and a 6 month old little boy.

Good luck with your new little baby! I am guessing March 18 for the book and March 21 for the Baby.

Samantha K said...

Baby-April 1st
Book-March 27

Best of luck to you in the days/weeks ahead with everything!! Nothing like having 2 joyous occasions occuring about the same time!

Tanya said...

If the baby really is going to be kept in the dining room, you'll have to change your header picture to include the baby :).

My guesses:

Baby-March 18th.
Book-march 19th.
It'll be an exciting couple of days :)

Emily said...

Book: March 16th
Baby: March 20th

Best wishes on Both!

Jenny said...

my guess is
baby march 13
book march 22

Josie McRazie said...

I bet you hang onto this kid longer than the others! I say
Book March 21st
Baby April 12th Just sayin!!

Voula Martin said...

I love baby pools!!
March 19 for the Book, April 3rd for the Baby.

Suzanne said...

I vote Book March 23rd and Baby April 5.

~Michelle~ said...

Baby: March 19
Book: March 20

Sandra said...

Both great occasions
Book: March 11
Baby: March 27
Waiting for news...

Katie said...

Baby March 18
Book March 19

Live a Colorful Life said...

Baby March 17
Book March 17

They can share the same birthdate...

ktquilts said...

Over from Amanda Jean's corner of cyberspace.

Book: March 18
Baby: March 25

charlotte said...

this should be fun!
Baby, March 30
Book, March 23

roxi said...

Lets hope the babe's early too! March 24

Book March 18.

Kim said...

Hmmmm..... March 26 for sweet baby and March 27 book.

Mom C said...

Who knows but let's hope both are early, those last weeks and days are torture. Book March 15, Baby March 20. And hope for successful outcomes for both.

Lisa in Port Hope said...

another vote for a double header, book and baby March 13.

Janet said...

Book March 8th
Baby March 22nd.

Oh and you can keep the baby. I'll just admire him/her from afar.

Nicole Gendy said...

Book: March 5
Baby: March 29

I'm so excited for both!

Fareen said...

So exciting Cheryl! I say baby will be born on my birthday, March 19th. Book will arrive March 21st.

Oso said...

Baby: 16th March
Book: 23rd March

Good luck on both!


Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

I wish you good luck and I think the books comes first at march 12 and you will give birh to your baby at april 4.

Beth said...

Good luck with it all, sounds like there's a lot to do before either event arrives! I would guess that the book will arrive March 17, and the baby March 31. Can't wait for updates!

Susie at ProsperityStuff said...

I'll say ~
Book - March 11
Baby - April 5.
Hoping all goes beautifully with both!

paige13d said...

My first two were born at 38 weeks, I was convinced the third would be earlier knowing he was also bigger, he came at exactly 39 weeks.

Book - March 12, Baby - April 1 :)

Ellie said...

I say March 18 for baby (which happens to be my due date) and March 26 for the book.

Margaret said...

I'm going to guess the same day for both--March 31. :-)

Anonymous said...

Book March 5
Baby March 19
Good Luck with Both!


GC&K said...

Baby, March 18th, my mom's birthday and book, March 8th. Good luck to you!!

Lynn said...

Baby - April 1st(my son's birthday)
Book - March 15 (the ides of March)

Gray said...

April 8th for your little one and I think the book with be the March 18th.

My little one was a whole week late- he wanted to be born in another month than was predicted and he cought it by just one hour!

Marcia W. said...

March 23 for the book - with the baby born on March 31 (my brother's b'day)
Best Wishes for an easy few week's until the baby is born.

beth said...

My twins were born March 21st and it's the first day of spring (usually) - so that's my vote for both book and baby!

Kallie said...

I believe the book will be received on April 18th but your precious bay will be born on March 26.

Congratulations and wish you a happy, healthy rest of your pregnancy!

Froschkoenigin said...

March 16th for both!

Good luck and best wishes!

Betty said...

Book 17th of March
Baby April 5!
Have a great delivery!
I mean: all the best, courageand strength!,

Ms. Cook said...

I think the baby will be Mar. 25 and the book will be Mar. 23!

Andrea said...

Baby March 8th!!! Book March 23.

Diane Swett said...

baby March 7th - book March 14

Carla said...

thanks for such a fun contest.
book-march 24
baby-march 25

Lisa Marie said...

Baby March 24
Book April 4

Nicole H. said...

Baby April 4th
Book March 17th

Good luck with both, although the hard work on the book is done. Not so much for the baby!

CarlyMaria said...

what a fun contest! congrats on having another little one.

Baby: March 22nd
Book: March 14th

Lisa in missouri said...

I guess book March 12 and baby April 2. Good luck and congratulations!

Pam in KS said...

march 17th for the baby 'cause it's my birthday.

March 31 for the book

Unknown said...

My gut says March 17th for the baby but I'm going for April 1st. Because i think that would be awesome to have a baby on April Fools day!

For the book, hum March 20th.

Oh and I still need to mail you my sex prediction...

Nancy Sue said...

I'm going to go out on a limb like a fool and say....April 1st for BOTH :)Congrats on this exciting time of anticipation for you!!

Anonymous said...

Book Mar 18
Baby Mar 23
Good Luck with both!!!
bgk44 @ msn.com

sew katie did said...

I slept in a drawer on the dining room table for months.

Baby first.

Do you know whether it is boy or girl?

Emily Day said...

The Baby: March 13th
The Book: March 17th

Congrats on both by the way! :D

Anonymous said...

Book: March 15
Baby: March 27

Good luck!

Amanda Jean said...

i'm not going to put my name in the hat officially, for obvious reasons...but i am guessing that the book comes first. :)

hope you are feeling ok!

Jackie said...

book--March 1st baby March 17 :)
Good luck on both

greeneyed girl said...

March 15th for the baby. April 5th for the book. Congratulations on both!

Quiltin Jenny said...

Baby, then book.

I'm going to guess a Saint Paddy's Day baby (3/17) and the book the following Monday (3/19).

However it turns out, I think March is going to be very lucky for you!

Ellie said...

It looks like I was wrong about the book. Amazon says I should have it in hand on March 8th!

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