08 February, 2012


One of these days I'll finish a quilt. For now, I'm comfortable starting more.

This is the stack of fabrics I put together for a quilt I'm making my husband for our upcoming 10th anniversary. It might seem girly, but these were our wedding colours. Colours that he loved then (or so he said) and I'm hoping he'll still like. It's for a king sized quilt that is for a date that is 2 months away. Yup, I am purely insane.

Insanely in love.

(Ugh, gag me with a spoon.)

I'll do my best. I got this quilt in my head and I'm on a mission.

BTW, did I mention that our anniversary is more or less my due date? I probably should have done that when I introduced The Bet the other day.

(BTW, he doesn't read the blog at all, so the only way he'll find out is if certain people say something to him. You know who you are - keep your mouth shut!)


Andrea said...

you're insane. that's all.

Josie McRazie said...

On my way to Canada to tell him! LOL!!! No really, can't wait to see what you do!! Good luck!!

Samantha K said...

Insane?!?! No, you can't be insane, because that is something I would totally decide to do, but maybe only a few weeks before I would want it to be finished (but I don't have kids to care for). Good luck to you as you complete it, you will get it done no problem! I can't wait to see what it looks like-I really love the colors you have chosen.

elle said...

Ah, Cheryl. Why would you want a boring and predictable life? Spontaneity! yay Go girl. I luv the colours.

Suzanne said...

I will happily cheer you on! You can do it or come as close as you can to your deadline, I'm sure.

LJ said...

You have added a whole new dimension to your bet: Book, baby or QUILT! Which will be "done" first.
Congratulations on all fronts!

Mary said...

My 10 year anniversary is next month. Supposedly it is all downhill from there. Will see.

I have a quilt my mother made when she was pregnant with me and now that I quilt and have been pregnant I realize how crazy that was (it's NOT a small quilt) BUT it makes me cherish it even more. Does that count as the first quilt I ever made???

Tamara {Delish Mag} said...

I was just thinking about your wedding yesterday! I was thinking of how impressed I was at the incredible decor and ideas you put together, and that even back then, ten years ago (WHATT?!?! Yeesh.), you stood out among anyone else I knew for your vision and talent. It was like a Martha event, but better. I've always admired you for that, but I don't think I ever said so. And for your amazing rack in your wedding dress, but I think I probably mentioned that already.


And now I have so much more to admire you for, too.

Nicole H. said...

Congrats on the anniversary! I would LOVE to have your scraps but I'll settle for the name of the print on the bottom of the pile.

Amanda Jean said...

good gravy, woman, you ARE crazy! but if anyone can do it, it would be you. those colors are crazy good!

what kind of design are you planning? i'm anxious to hear more!

brown robin said...

Okay. Holy flipping cow. You are very very pregnant. How could I have missed that. Apparently I never check in on anyone's blogs anymore. And you're making a quilt for your man?! You're making me tired girl. I had to write you a note on this post cause I don't want to enter a fabric giveaway. The last thing I need is more fabric. I've been sewing but it's little bits and that feels good. Hope that you and yours are well. By my estimation you are gonna pop in another few weeks. Then you will be very very busy, indeed. Big hugs! I am so happy for you!