07 July, 2011

Quilts Recover Update

The sun is shining! I can ride my bike again! And I may have actually sewn too much!

Okay, no exclamation point on that last one. My foot is bothering me and my physio thinks working the foot pedal may be to blame. Yikes! Can't stop me though, it's manageable and I'm on a roll.

Besides, I've also got Quilts Recover to keep me busy. The quilts are starting to come in now that the postal lock-out is over. Good timing too as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge returned the spotlight to the rebuilding of Slave Lake this week.

If you are planning on donating to Quilts Recover there is still time to do so. We are accepting finished, unused quilts in a functional size (baby to full/queen) until the beginning of August. All quilts will be labelled and delivered to families rebuilding in the wake of devastating wildfires in the town of Slave Lake, Alberta.

Many overseas readers have also expressed a desire to donate quilt tops, as the postage for quilts is quite a bit. I can share now that I've lined up a long armer and a few volunteers to help us finish these quilts. I'm still looking for batting and backing donations. If a finished quilt isn't something you can do, maybe you can consider donating some supplies. Or, if you are local, maybe some time to help get the quilts bound and labelled. I will be announcing a sew day for late July/early August to finish all that.

Again, thank-you for all your support for Quilts Recover.


Birdblocks said...

Hi there, so I read along with you for a while now. Yet i never commented before (i am a little shy with my language, I am from the Netherlands).
I love your designs and find them very inspiring, thank you for sharing your nice pictures.

For your foot: i had a problem with my usual gas-giving leg so i could not sew! WAAH, that is impossible, so I learned to do it with the other foot. These days i find myself using both feet at the same time, and this makes me sit up straighter and keeps my back straight and i can always choose to use one or the other foot. This helped me a lot in the body!
Maybe it can help you too!
Greetings from Amsterdam, Holland, Merel

Exuberant Color said...

I have used the same method as above commenter, both feet on the foot control pushing down evenly, no more ankle pain and less hip pain.

Suzanne said...

So glad to hear you can put the pedal to the metal. :-)

Cynthia F said...

Oh phew! I just got our last quilt yesterday from our group so I'll be packing them up and sending them to you in the next couple of days!

And I hope your foot feels better soon! :)
Cynthia (fvmodernquilt & unscripted!)

HipHome said...

Wow Cheryl! What an inspiring project!! I'll put the word out to my quilting buddies as well.

Rachael said...

i had a knee operation on my right leg which means that i cannot sew either (also im in a big splint so cant bend my knee) so im teaching myself to use my left leg, its not going so well, have fun riding your bike.