19 May, 2010

Workshop in Progress - May 19

Okay, I'm a little perplexed.  Or maybe not. I got my quilt back from the Invitational Show at Quilt Canada. And this label was pinned on.  Is it normal protocol to attach the label from a show to a quilt? Or do people merely hang on to these in a special spot/lose them in the mess of their sewing space?

Now, all around the web this week people have been talking process.  I love it! Thank-you all for taking on the challenge and the pledge.

Elle is busy, as always, on a sunny couple of quilts. In her post this week she is playing around with fabric choices.  It is really fun to see what's in and what's out.  Do you share her conclusions?

The inspiration for Elle's piece came from Sue. Now Sue is asking for input on the placement of design on her fantastic stripes and circles. This is a quilt after my own heart.

How cute is this? Katie completed her super family in cross stitch.  Any thoughts on whether she should add to the final design or not?

Our other Katie in the workshop is debating sashing choices this week. She's come up with some very different looks.  Which one is your favourite?

There are two other posts I wanted to share here. They really fall in line with the emphasis on process that Rossie and I are trying to encourage.

Elizabeth at Oh Fransson had a wonderful post on her thinking and process with her latest project - getting her bee blocks together.  Even for her, she admits, it was a change to step back and document her thinking.  But to see an artist and designer like her share with readers all these little steps and thought is fantastic!  Thanks Elizabeth!

And finally, I wanted to share Jacquie's experiment here. This is a wonderful example of crowd sourcing in the Quilting 2.0 universe. Jacquie asked her readers to pick a fabric and name an inspiration for her next project.  If that isn't a perfect example of modern quilting then I don't know what is.


elle said...

Woo Hoo! I've taken the pledge and spent a good part of the morning checking out other 'pledgers'! I blog because it helps me. I can't count the number of ways my life has changed since I began blogging. I also think that the various things I do 'might' be interesting to others so I'm more than willing to share and answer questions. We all learn from each other. If I don't learn something everyday, then it is a wasted day. So, yes, let's share our process as we progress in our chosen endeavors! Thanks to Cheryl and Rossi! 8^)

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

yes, if your quilt was shown, accepted, or won at an important event aht goes on to the quilt.
I think the intention is for you to attach that label to that quilt. And a big congrats to you!

I am loving the more process talk...

Victoria said...

Oh boy, lots to catch up on! (I really enjoy learning about people's creative process). As for the attached quilt label... beats me, as I am a bit show shy and have never entered any. However, it seems like something I would keep to show where the quilt has been... I think it's nice. :0)

natalie. beyond the reef said...

Congratulations on your quilt show! Of course, the label goes with the quilt, as the quilt went, so the label(s) goes (or go)...part of the provenance (sp?) of your quilt that will stay with it always. The non-verbal history of your quilt, long after you are gone...good for you! Good for your quilt. Good for history.

BrendaW said...

I believe that quilt show labels are a great idea and can't understand why we don't see this more. I agree with Natalie - it is part of the provenance of the quilt and adds to it's character/story.