11 April, 2008

Marimekko Week

It's been all Marimekko this week! I got my motivation to make pillows for the new couch. I absolutely love the way they turned out. I thought the Amy Butler was a perfect complement.

Nothing fancy to the pillows. I have to make a confession, I haven't a clue how to put a zipper in. So these pillows are simply a front and a back with a pocket type closure. Just two overlapping pieces of fabric for the back to keep the pillow form in place.

These pillows are a step up from our old ones. Now we have squishy pillows for those evenings where we can curl up and watch the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Monster saw them first thing this morning and rather than sit on Mama's lap she felt the need to gather all the pillows and curl in to them.
I say it's been a Marimekko week because the fabric we ordered on our weekend in Vancouver arrived. Yeah! It is exactly what I wanted. Now, if only I had the room that this fabric is destined for. No baby for at least a month so I can always dream... Ah, who am I kidding? This kid will be lucky to have a quiet place to sleep by Christmas! But I can dream and fondle the fabric.

Finally, what should I find on a lunch break? A store right near my office, Kit Interiors, that carries Marimekko! Damn, and guess what fabric they had on the bolt? Oh well, the ladies from the Vancouver store took care of us and I was more than happy to see an entire store devoted to Marimekko. But I did indulge a little and buy some cards. Yes, it's been a Marimekko week! You can't ask for much more in a material way to make you smile. And check out the Marimekko blog for fabulous ideas and new products!


amandajean said...

your little monster is adorable. :)

and that fabric is drool-worthy. I LOVE your curtains, too.

elizabeth said...

That baby fabric is just marvelous!!! Hope your pregnancy is treating you well.

elizabeth said...

Hello. me again! I'm tagging you for a seven-things-about-me type thing. no presure. i just really like your blog.

Lace said...

Just discovering your blog.....hmmm can't even remember how i got here...It's been that kind of day! Anyway, love your stuff, and I'll be checking in regularly to see what you and your little monster are up to!! Cheers!

Jenny said...

What an adorable little sweet thing! I just want to kiss all over those rosy cheeks. You must be a proud mama. Mama of two soon! Will be thinking about you in these last few weeks. I was there last year. Don't know what kind of preggo you are, but I felt like a side show in my last month. All out front!

I'll be thinking about 'ya. In the meantime, keep crafting and letting us see your fun creations!

Jess said...

I love that bottom print!