18 March, 2008

Colour in a Dreary Landscape

Hubby and I took a bit of a break last week. I had to be in Vancouver for work, so after a few days Grandma came to watch the Monster and Hubby flew out for an adult only weekend. Sweet relief. No quilty stuff done, but lots of reading, shopping, leisurely meals, wanderings, and the tourist thing at the Vancouver Aquarium.

I have to share some of my shopping wins. Again, no quilty stuff, but there was fabric in there nonetheless. First off, I hit the tourist and rather boring shopping street of Robson. I was really looking for a maternity store to buy some new pants. Three Banana Republics, but no maternity store. I did, however, find H20 Plus and some fabulous bath soaks and this utterly fantastic almond scrub. Unfortunately, I never made it back to buy about 6 more, but I will be ordering it online.

On Saturday the sun was out. In the morning we relaxed in the hotel spa. Hubby booked massages for us. While I had a well-deserved pedi, he went to enjoy the steam room. The door was sticking and when he reefed on it the door popped out quickly and hit his toe - promptly splitting and ripping back his big toe nail. Ouch! So much for relaxation. But he was still in such a good mood that he consented to a walk that afternoon (Hubby hates walking, only slightly less so when the pooches are involved).

The first store we directed ourselves to was the Marimekko concept store in Yaletown. Oh, sweet colour heaven! I really had to restrain myself as the fabric and bags were ALL asking me to take them home. In the end we did a custom order for some fabric for the new baby's room. It seems that the fabrics I were drawn to the most were by designer Erja Hirvi.

This is the one for the baby's room. I see a lemon yellow dresser and soft grey walls... when there is a room to put it all in. That's a whole other story.

The other one we bought is the same pattern as this, but a much brighter colour way. No picture on the web site, so you'll have to wait until I get the new pillows done with it. Those new pillows will be on our new couch - delivered today!
And I have to admit, I also caved and bought this tray. It is rather cliche - living in a town nicknamed "Cowtown" and famous for the Calgary Stampede, but I couldn't resist the colour, or the humour.

After Hubby was finally able to drag me away from the Marimekko store (good thing I'm pregnant and can't fit into their clothes right now). We headed back and ran into this fabulous store filled with modern design for adults and kids: Inhabit. Hubby was entranced by a stuffed frog that was far too large to fit into a suitcase. I drooled over an Eames rocker and he promptly picked out a gift for the Monster. At least that would fit into the suitcase! We also liked that it shared her Grandpa's name, and was made in Canada at Monster Factory. Remind me to get a picture of the two Monsters together.

And now I best hit the sack. I've been having a lot of contractions today and it is far too early for that! I'll pick up my new book (see the latest entry on the nightstand) and curl up to read before attempting the sleep of the 7 month pregnant.


Jenny said...

Oh, how fun! I am HOPING that the grandparents can watch our babies this May so that hubby and I can go to San Diego (I may go there for a meeting - him joining me later). I am crossing all my fingers and toes for luck.

I have never been to Vancouver, just down south in Victoria. I really want to go back. Love the cow plate though. My husband and I live in a university town know for being an agricultural school so it's called "Moo-U". I guess I need a cow-something now.

Samantha said...

No contractions allowed!

But what a fabulous trip. I'm drooling crazily over the Marimekko outing.

* elizabeth * said...

ugh. third trimester sleep is such a drag. but bravo on your finds. and time with just the hubby? lucky you.