02 January, 2008


I don't normally do resolutions, but I thought of a good one this year and I need the extra push to make sure I follow through.

I am horrible at remembering people's birthdays on time. Actually, the truth is that I remember them, but I am very bad for getting gifts, cards, calls, and emails to people on time. I am going to sit down this week and create a master list and master calendar. Now, unless you join my life this year I promise you that your birthday wil be celebrated on time and in style!

That means I have a couple of cards to get out today before the week passes me by!

Welcome 2008!

Now, if only I could resolve to pay more attention to work when I'm here... Cut me some slack, the Monster started day care today and I'm a nervous ball of energy. I can't wait to pick her up! Did she eat? Did she nap? Did the staff keep her blanket from her so she didn't drag it everywhere? Do they know what she means when she walks around signing "please" and "duck" all day? Will the other kids be nice to her? Will she still love me when I pick her up?


Johannah said...

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for posting.
It's nice to meet other c-section survivors.
I am not a worrier by nature, but the internet offers some very scary insights sometimes... I had no idea what adhesions were until I read about them a week ago.
I'm happy to have you read along. 8 weeks and counting...


Samantha said...

How was the 1st day?

FYI, this website:
can be a big birthday help!