21 January, 2016

Storing Quilts Under Construction

When you have almost 40 quilts on the go you have to find a way to store them before they become quilts. And my sewing room is far too small to let them take over. And I am not one to thrive in a messy work space. So here are my storage solutions.

My cutting table was purchased with all the storage in mind. The top shelf contains bins with active projects. If I need to grab something or only have a few minutes to play this is where I go.

The bottom shelf contains all my scraps, colour sorted in bins - the pattern is the quilted storage box from Sunday Morning Quilts.

On the floor (usually tucked under the shelf) are plastic bins with class samples and other projects. I recently labelled them and this was an awesome move on my part. No more guessing!

In front there, but usually tucked to the side are some straw bag my mom once picked up on a trip to Acapulco. They are perfect for storing projects. Plus, they look cool and can be moved around the room as necessary.

I am lucky enough to have two full size closets in the room. One has my stash. The other has batting (all those messy scraps on the bottom right), garment sewing stash, my patterns (not visible) and then projects. On the top shelf there are the quilt tops (with their backs or fabric for backs) folded. I have no hanging space otherwise I would hang them. Then it is all projects sorted into piles - for bigger and more active ones, bags, and bins. I recently sorted through them all and this is actually quite neat and organized, even if it may not appear so.

One little spot in the closet holds some particularly small scraps and a stack of Liberty circles. I keep them front and centre just because they are pretty. And hopefully will motivate me to play with them a bit more.

It's a small room, but it is all mine! I've had to get disciplined about storage or else I would never actually get anything done. And now, no matter the mood nor the time, I have easy access to anything I could want to work on.


Allison said...

Your sewing room looks great! My future sewing room is currently a "box" room full of stuff from my husband's childhood. Meanwhile, I'm sewing out of cardboard boxes filled with giant zip-lock bags of projects. I am feeling quite envious of your beautiful space.

Karen said...

Well done, Cheryl! It sounds like you really know where everything is now, which is always a stress reducer for me. I love that you've even done some decorating INSIDE the closet :)

Jennifer said...

oh. my. goodness. I love that little Russian doll (can't think of the proper name for her at the moment...) what a fantastic way to store those little scraps! where did you get her?
I've been sewing and sewing my scraps/stash for the last 3 years. on a total impulse buy, I bought your book Sunday Morning Quilts, and have been having a ball ever since! thanks for such a great book!