09 December, 2015

Introducing the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club

Have you seen the news about the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club? The Mighty Lucky Quilting Club is the first monthly subscription club of its kind that focuses on challenging quilters with different aspects of the quilting process. 

Each month a new challenge is delivered to your inbox via PDF. The challenges are put together by twelve different quilters so you get twelve unique design skills. From piecing to quilting, from physical design to colour work... and everything in-between, you will learn something new each time. 

To take part in the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club you need to subscribe. You can sign up monthly or take on the whole year. Subscriptions are $5 per month or $50 for the year (that is US$). Think of it like a gym membership for your quilting skills.

Check out the trainers!

January - Krista Fleckenstein
February - Season Evans
March - Rossie Hutchinson
April - Alison Glass
May - Amy Gibson
July - Cheryl Arkison (That's me!)
August - Sarah Fielke
September - Jacquie Gering
October - Nicole Vogelsinger
November - Amanda Jean Nyberg
December - Carolyn Friedlander

Each designer/trainer will also be featured on a Crafty Planner podcast during their month. During the podcast they'll discuss the challenge and talk in depth about their design process with hot and producer, Sandi Hazelwood.

As quilters work through each month's challenge in the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club you'll be supported by the designer/trainers - who will provide tips and encouragement with a mid-month email. You'll be able to share your work and watch fellow quilters using the #mightylucky hashtag on Instagram. Also, there will be randomly selected giveaways in the form of fabric, books, patterns, and more!

Quilters will learn and share a new and exciting design concept each month through the MightyLucky Quilting Club, and by the end of the year, you’ll be amazed with where your new quilting skills have taken you! 

Oh, and there is a guild option too, don't forget to check that out.


roxi said...

that sounds really motivating!! Kool!

Charlotta said...

I it sounds like a fantastic idea. But I just can't do it this year. I don't suppose you have any idea whether you'd be doing it again? I really love the idea - I'm hoping I'll be lucky again next year!

Nicki Mierz said...

I just signed up. Can't wait to get started.

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