17 November, 2015

Small Wonders by Mary Fons - New Quilt in the Works

It isn't often that I get asked to make something with a designer's fabric. And it is less often that I say yes to the request. But when Mary Fons asked I was more than happy to respond in the positive. Mary has been tremendously supportive of my career through our relationship at Quilty and I'm happy to return the favour.

Small Wonders is her new fabric line with Springs Creative. She dove through their archives and worked with them to produce a dramatic and graphic line. The colours are out of my personal norm, but so rich. Sure to be a hit with many different audiences.

I have a plan worked out for the fabric and look forward to cutting into it this weekend. I see some playtime in my future.

Keep up with my work on this project on Periscope. Haven't heard of Periscope yet? It is the latest social media app - allowing for live broadcasts to be streamed from my phone to your phone or computer. I am enjoying it for sharing snippets from my sewing room and process posts about quilt projects. If you don't have the app you can still watch my broadcasts on Katch. My first post on this series is up there now.


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http://www.essay-writer.club/ said...

I/m in love with this fabrics collection. They seem to be very pretty. And I have never heard before about Periscope App. Thanks for posting.

Stephie said...

Creating something outside of our usual palette can make for some wonderful unexpected results - hope you have fun! Will check you out on Periscope too, though if the time difference is too great I'll find you on Katch instead :)

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