10 September, 2015

Sewing on the Dining Room Table, Again

We are back in the Dining Room Empire these days. I haven't really been in my sewing room for a couple of weeks. Why? Well, if you only follow me here and not on Instagram or you don't read my newsletter, here's the news: there is a wasps' nest in the wall of my sewing room.

The exterminator has been here and the wasps are pretty much gone, save for a drugged up one that emerges every day or two to die on my cutting table. We need to cut the nest out of our spray foam insulation and repair it. I could have been kinder to myself, my family, and the environment and gone for less pesticides, but I wanted a full on assault to deal with the nasty yellowjackets. As a result, however, the smell is quite bad in there. I have windows and doors open to air things out. And Hubby and I are trying to muster the desire to face the clean-up and repair.

In the meantime, I'm sewing on the dining room table.

In truth, that means I'm not sewing that much. Until two days ago there were no lamps in there, me having taken them in to get new shades and wiring. We're still fine at dinner, but it is now dark by the time the kids go to bed and I can sew. So I have light again. But I lose the energy to make a mess then clean it up again most nights. I've worked really hard the past few months to get rid of crap and keep our house tidy. I feel like we are finally not living under a mountain of stuff, that most things have a home to go to after being used. So having the sewing stuff in the dining room again is annoying me to no end. (At least it isn't this anymore.)

Thank goodness I keep most of my projects in bins or otherwise contained. So I only take out what I want. In truth, that has only been 2 projects to play with. I can tuck the ironing board into a corner, same with my smaller machine. And every night that I do sew I pack it all up so we can eat breakfast without the worry of milk and honey on a quilt block.

I will say, it is nice to be living up to the blog name again!


CaroleM said...

Ugh on the wasps and sewing at the table. In our old place I used to sew at the table and it meant I did not quilt much because I had to pull stuff out, and it was cluttered and messy. You will get through!

Julierose said...

Oh what a nightmare scenario!! Yellow jackets can be nasty. We have had wasps nesting in our eaves every Spring since we moved here 10 years ago; finally last year we called in the spray guy and he did the whole house. there was even a bush where they had more nests!! Fingers crossed that the spray worked...good luck hugs, Julierose

the momma said...

Totally off sewing topic - Besides the wasp nest fiasco (ugh! so sorry!) what are your thoughts on the spray foam insulation?
We are building soon, and my husband is leaning heavily towards going w the spray foam. It would be nice to hear pros / cons from someone who won't profit from our decision...
Hope you are safely back in your sewing room soon!

Charlotta said...

Be glad you have a good and temporary excuse and that you'll be back in your sewing room soon! I've moved my sewing machine to the dining room table and completely taken it over, because my sewing room is too much of a mess and my sewing table got too crowded with fabric and projects, so after a retreat, it was impossible for me to set back up in there!
Now that's a pathetic tragedy! I don't have kids and my husband travels a lot. When he's here, we mostly eat in out chairs in front of the TV or he eats at his desk, so nobody is pushing me to clear the dining room table!

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