18 August, 2015

Glitter Pen - New Pattern in Modern Patchwork

Glitter Pen
85'' x 85''

 This is a fun quilt with a long back story.

Part 1
Looking to fill some weekend afternoons during our long winter I signed up for Creative Bug. While my son napped and Hubby chilled out the girls and I took a few classes. Their favourite was Lisa Condon's Line Drawing class. Months later they are still sketching based on her techniques.

Part 2
I agreed to submit some quilts to Modern Patchwork. Up until then I'd only submitted articles, not quilts. Working with the editor (hi Vivika!) I agreed to use some fabric they wanted. Well, the original fabric they thought of wasn't available. In the meantime I went to QuiltCon and picked up some Modern Country fabric from Windham, just in case the other fabric didn't arrive in time.

Part 3
Upon my return home from Austin I was greeted with the fabric sent to me by Red Rooster. Cool fabric, for sure, but not right for the pattern I was supposed to be making. Hmm... Then my daughters showed me the their sketchbooks and what they did while I was away. One of them immediately jumped out at me and this new fabric would be perfect for it. So I contacted the editor and asked if I could make two quilts! In just a few weeks.
(The Modern Country fabric went into the Argyle quilt also published in Modern Patchwork.)

Part 4
I also contacted Lisa Congdon. While my daughter's sketch was not a literal interpretation of Lisa's work, it was definitely iterative. And I took it another step with the quilt. Especially because this was for publication I wanted to make sure she was okay with it. She, graciously and thankfully, said yes.

Part 5
Sewing like mad, I designed the pattern and finished the quilt. It is designed to take advantage of simple sewing techniques  - it is just a lot of long strips sewn together then cut apart into blocks. I think the pops are colour are awesome. In the end I added the bright coral fabrics to the original bundle of a line called Steel. And that text print is awesome. It is literally a text print, covered in numbers and texting short hand. Comes in both the mustard and black/white. (Must get more.)

Part 6
She won't take it off her bed.

I purposely designed the pattern to fit her double bed with a generous overhang. Perfect for cozying up. The pattern is available in the summer issue of Modern Patchwork.

It is hard to see in the photos but it is rather simply quilted. I stitched in the ditch between all blocks, then I quilted a saying, one letter for each block (minus the punctuation).

"All that glitters, glows, sparkle, shines is not 
as bright as the light of your eyes, shimmering in sun."


Rachel said...

Love this quilt and the story behind it! It would make a great boys quilt too.

Марина Концевая said...

A wonderful combination of a repetitive design with bright stripes and letters/numbers prints. It makes the eye travel though the surface. Amazing!

Leanne said...

It's a great story, and a lovely quilt.

Judy Tucker said...

Sweet! Great quilt and awesome collaboration! If I were your daughter, I wouldn't take this quilt off my bed either! Brilliant!