07 May, 2015

The Linden - With a V-Neck and in Double Gauze

To be clear, I've now declared that I will happily sew clothes and it is all the Linden's fault.

Here are two more iterations of this Grainline Studio pattern. I've also made one for a friend, ordered fabric to teach 6 members of my family how to make one (so I don't have to do it for them), and have one more version I want to try on deck.  But this pattern also has me feeling confident enough to make more, sew more clothes. Without the success of the first one and the realization that this is a welcome break from life and work as a quilter I wouldn't be so far gone

There is now a v-neck version. In my regular clothing I love a v-neck. Always have, always will. So of course, I had to try one. No mind that I've never sewn a v-neck and could not find a version of the Linden online in a v-neck. I also made a rookie mistake that could have been fatal - playing with an expensive fabric. Thank goodness it worked out. 

To get through the process I relied on this tutorial from Seamwork.

The neckline isn't perfect. I could have cut the neckband a few inches smaller, it gapes on my shoulders. And my middle seam doesn't lay perfectly flat. But I don't care because I made this and most people can't tell. And those that know, think it is cool. And I have a loose, light sweatshirt/t-shirt that I love.

Another change on this version was to add length. I wanted it to be like a big slouchy t-shirt. So I added 4'' to the length. And I split the cuff. The first crack at the split cuff was good, but I didn't do a top stitch and so pulled the seams when I wore it and stretched it out. I fixed the ripped seams, but unless I gathered it, I couldn't fix the gap. I'm okay with that. More room over my hips.

The fabric is an US organic jersey, designed by Josi Severson. I splurged on it, for sure. But it is worth it for so many reasons. Down the line I might make a more fitted shirt from another fabric from her. Fabric available on Honey Be Good.

The other version I made was one from Nani Iro double gauze. It fact, it was this fabric that got me on to the pattern. I'd seen it online, but when I held it in my hands in the merchant mall at QuiltCon I knew I needed to have it. On a whim, and a distant thought I might make a shirt from it, I picked up 3 yards. Over drinks one night I was telling a friend about it and she told me about someone she saw that day wearing a Linden made from double gauze. As my friend was wearing a Linden at that moment the stars collided and lit the way forward.

This version is the exact same as my first. The only change is that I made it maybe 2'' longer. The first fits well, but I wanted more length. I also wanted, even though I was using the double gauze, to have this still be a sweatshirt. So I hit the local chain fabric store and picked up some pale pink jersey to use for my cuffs and neckband. That was a pain to work with, I picked a super thin one. It all came together for this breezy version.

This is a very good addiction.


Maryse said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

I love your shirts! You may have inspired me to try making some clothes for myself. Thanks for the great post.

Sandra W said...

These are both lovely. That was a good idea to split the hip band as it is always more flattering. And adding the commercial knit to the nani iro is a great idea.
For a beginner clothes sewist you've been very courageous with multiple alterations.I think the job on the v-neck is very good.
I made lots of my clothes in the past and you've got me wanting to do so again. Once you have a pattern that fits you can make them very quickly.
Congratulation by the way on being a QuiltCon judge. And I like your photo--with your back.
I was at QuiltCon in Austin. While it was fabulous I thought the show organization was somewhat unpolished. As for the quilts, some were fabulous and some were poorly constructed.
I'm not sure about Pasedena as a location. My research to date is that there you have to go to Los Angeles.

Sandra W said...

I meant--with your hair back. I'm sure your back is lovely too!

Karen said...

Cheryl, these are terrific tops! I love the colors and they look great on you. And all the improv you're doing with alterations! A truly creative soul!

sulu-design said...

Hey, Cheryl! I popped in to check on your recent posts today after I'd been away from the internet for a while. It put a smile on my face to see your cute tops paired with a sulu-design necklace! I hope you're doing well.