09 April, 2015

Values Plus Quilt

Values Plus
36'' x 48''

Such a fun little quilt. And the only reason it is little is because Amanda Jean talked me out of going bigger. She was right, especially considering this is a class sample. Let's face it, it is much easier to travel with a smaller quilt.

I did find myself quite addicted to making these little blocks. It was made purely from scrap strips. The only decision I made in making the strip sets was making sure that I had value contrast in the pairs. After that it was anything goes! The real fun in playing with the layout.

In the end I went with this colour focused layout. Four patches where the dark fabric was all the same colour, forming a wonky plus sign. The result is bold, colourful, and far more organized. Because the blocks are small (3 1/2'' square) finding order was important. It also makes the value contrasts pop a lot more.

This quilt is a sample for an updated Values class. We've all seen - to great effect - the values quilts based on half square triangles. For this I wanted to play with a different shape and show what can happen when the effect is a bit more subtle. Then, how we find order and design in it.

This was the first quilt I quilted using a stitch regulator. Not sure about it yet, it will take some getting used to. But no one is perfect right out of the gate! With all that pattern I went for a simple stipple in Aurifil 2600. You aren't seeing the quilting on a quilt this busy as it is.

I totally lucked out with some leftover binding. There was just enough to get this quilt done. A little bias fun to complete the quilt.


Suzanne said...

I like this so much! I was just admiring a quilt with pluses where the pluses were all made with the same fabric. The two are similar look but with different construction. If I see a third plus quilt today, i will have to take it as a sign to get busy and make my own.

The Farmhouse Quilter said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE that. Must remember to make something similar! I inherited a fabric stash from a friend and want to make something!

teresa said...

It's a beautiful and inspiring quilt!

Audrey said...

I love this, Cheryl! I think the different widths and scrappy mix are giving you perfect results. I want one!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I really like this one. I'm already seeing other possibilities for the idea.

Sondra said...

What a beauty, Cheryl. Great inspiration. Love it.

Leanne said...

I played around with this tiny block several months ago, and it is great fun. Your quilt is full of colour and a great idea for a values class.

house on hill road said...

what a fun quilt! and i have mixed emotions about the stitch regulator - sometimes i use it, sometimes i don't.

Anonymous said...

What a great scrap quilt. So happy;)

I ditched the stitch regulator. I found I quilted better without it.