02 April, 2015

2015 Goals - 1Q Check-In

I promised myself (and you, dear readers) a quarterly update on my goals. As I've spent the last two weeks evaluating some opportunities, cleaning up after a rush of work, and reconnecting with my family, this review is timely.

1. Start, and possibly complete, the next two quilts in my Alberta series.

Other than a sketch and some dreaming, nothing has happened here. It is a creative challenge that requires some attention, something I haven't had much of lately. 

2. Record at least 1 new online class or set of classes.

This goal might have been a bit of a cheat because I already knew I was going to be filming my CreativeLive classes. We'll chalk this one up to putting something on the list because you already know you can cross it off.

That being said, I think I might like to do one more this year.

3. Launch 2 more print patterns.

The final design for the Sewing Machine Quilt is being finished. I'm so close with this one. And I've started the quilt I hope to be another print pattern. 

To be honest, I'm still not sure this is a good direction for me, but I'm experimenting and we'll see the response.

4. Attend 1-2 quilting retreats as a guest and not a teacher.

Really hoping the budget allows for this, but I would also like a new bathroom.

5. Pick up 3 new freelance clients.

With the shut down of Quilty I lost a freelance client. I am writing for Cake and Whiskey's new blog, Sip and Slice though. 

Right now I am evaluating whether I want to pursue this more or just keep the clients I have and serve them even better.

6. Celebrate the launch of You Inspire Me to Quilt, because I never did that for A Month of Sundays and I missed that.

Still planning on this one. My advance copy is due to arrive this week but the launch of the book itself may be delayed due to labour issues at the ports where the book will arrive from printing.

7. Explore print and pattern making through regular sketching, play, and learning design programs.

I just started watching the Creative Bug class on fabric design. And I picked up a print making kit. If I can get my family on board, I'm hoping to take a class at the local art school to pick up some computer design skills.

8. Lose 20 pounds. Actually, closer to 25 if we count the holiday weight. I lost 20 pounds last year and want to continue on the road to health.

Up and down, up and down. I went off sugar for a couple of weeks - yay! I went to QuiltCon and drank my weight in bourbon - yay! Then there was the moment a few weeks back when I tried to make a 3 pointer at the basketball court. Nothing but... air. I am weak. So not only do I need to cut back on the sugar to get towards this goal, I need to get some good exercise in. And this week I started just that. This goal is moving up the priority list right now.

9. Find an agent/publisher for the children's books I wrote.

Nope, nothing to see here yet.

10, Spend at least 1-2 hours a week working on one, any one, of the outstanding Quilts Under Construction. Focused, steady progress should move some of those through the list, even when I'm starting new quilts all the time.

It hasn't happened every week, but it is happening. And the new quilts I've started have either been finished (because they were for publication) or they are for classes and have no immediate deadline. I'm happy with the focus keeping this list provides. I updated the list last week. The number is still up there (43) but I see progress. I also see where I might need to just let some things go. And finally, where I need to focus my efforts to move things along even more. First step, don't start any new quilts for a bit.

This pause and reflection on where I've worked in the past three months is quite useful. I need to ask myself, right now, if the direction I'm going is actually where I want to be. And will these goals get me there. I've always felt like I had a good end result in mind, but some good conversations with my husband has me asking questions. Honestly, I don't know all the questions and I certainly don't know the answers, but my brain and heart are working overtime trying to sort it out. Seeing these goals and my activity provides some focus to those efforts.


Sandra W said...

I really enjoyed reading your progress/or not report.
While I am just a hobby quilter I think this is a good idea--as it is now, I simply amble on, doing what I feel like doing at the moment.
I didn't know that Quilty magazine has hit the dust. That is too bad. It was pretty simplistic but I enjoyed it.
As for the retreat versus a new bathroom--I don't think this is an either/or unless you are planning on a retreat in an exotic country. The cost of a retreat will only get you--maybe--the toilet!
As for your personal/professional goals--I think you have to determine if you need/want to make a decent income; what you enjoy doing; and can you make a compromise to achieve personal satisfaction and an income.
Sometimes I think it is possible to over-think some of these things. Sometimes what's on offer/available sets the direction.
I don't think quilting is a field where you can make a lot of money. But do you really want to be a dental hygienist, office worker, etc? (With apologies to dental hygienists everywhere. I love mine).

Ann Dunn said...

In regards to your item 6, a book launch, if the port labor dispute is in reference to the US West Coast ports, an item in today's San Francisco paper talks about how Oakland's port has cleared up all its backlog. It appears that there has been a resolution for now.

On another front, my local sewing group chose your "The Missing U" design from Sunday Morning Quilts book to make a charity quilt for the local Veteran's hospital. It was a lot of fun to make. We had an opposite block where the center was black and surrounded by low volume fabrics. I contributed that one and thought you might have approved.


Karen said...

Take a class--new bathroom. Take a class--new bathroom. Hmmm. How about a new bathroom with a great relaxing feel where you can soak luxuriously (I was going to say And watch a class online--but you don't need any multitasking) and then, all relaxed, take the rest of the day off. The next day, inspiration will come to you and you'll figure out a way to take a class! And think how easy it'll be to talk the family into making a class possible, because they'll all be so impressed by the relaxed, content vibe you'll be giving off!

Leanne said...

It's so interesting how goals keep changing, it is a good think I think. I think you need to divorce the class from the bathroom, one is family and one is work. I hope you celebrate the new book and that it is out soon as I am looking forward to it.

Barbara said...

I am inspired by your to do list. That must help keep one on track with so many projects ongoing at the same time. But I laughed myself silly about you drinking your weight in bourbon at quilt con. What a way to let go when on vacation!You made my day! Barbara at creature comfortquilts.wordpress.com