24 February, 2015

Upcoming Hand Applique Classes

With two heavy weeks of travel behind me I am so happy I have hand appliqué to keep me company. Long plane rides, lonely nights in a hotel room, and an overwhelming need to sew something. Applique keeps my company through all that.

If you've not embraced the power of hand appliqué (and you live in or near Calgary) you can learn the basics from me at My Sewing Room.

I chose the Park pattern from Carolyn Friedlander for the class. It allows us to get a block prepped and basted and get to the appliqué. When we are learning the appliqué we cover the basics of needle turn as well the tricks for sharp corners, smooth curves, and finishing. This block has them all. (And it looks really cool.)

Last month I was basting this block in an open house at the store. So many people commented that they liked the block but would default to a zig zag stitch to get it done. Nothing wrong with that, but I think it misses the point. Hand appliqué isn't about getting it done fast. It is about the process for sure. But it is more about slowing down to sew and, frankly, the portability. Having an on the go project with no end in sight gets us sewing anytime, anywhere. And forces the deep breathes we all need more of as we move through the day.

To register for the class call My Sewing Room at 403-252-3711 and check it out in March, April, or May.


felicity said...

I had done exactly zero in the way of hand appliqué since my very first beginner's sampler in 2001, and then I took Anna Maria Horner's Mod Corsage workshop at QuiltCon. My one appliquéd leaf is pretty sad but the experience was enough to convert me. It's much more my thing than hexies as a portable, slow-sewing project. Kinda wish I were in Calgary so I could take your class!

Lauren said...

I am no longer in Calgary, but I did buy Savour Every Stitch because of you, and (machine) basted 49 7" orange peels as a "this'll take forever" kind of project. And finished them in two weeks. I could use the help on tight corners though. Your seam ripper? must be significantly different than mine - in the supplies photo I thought that was a ClearBlue Easy!

Lauren said...

Oh, and after the 53th orange peel or so, I invested in the most expensive thimble I have ever seen, because I never wear the normal kind after about the fourth stitch, I have (no word of a lie) developed a callous on my middle finger from the back of the needle, and Clover products are special order here. On my last binding I made it 8 or 10" before I took it off. Is this just me?