07 November, 2014

Friday Favourites - Micron 01 Pen

We know how much I love my sketchbooks. The same black books filled with notes, ideas, sketches, kids' drawings. They are what I would save in the event of a fire - over my quilts. For years my pen of choice has been the Uni-Ball Fine in black. I hoard my pens and get angry when they disappear.

(Go watch up My Pen from Kids in the Hall on You Tube.)

The other day I couldn't find a pen in my studio and needed to jot something down. So I reached into my jar of fabric markers for a Micron Pen. Frankly, I've only ever bought Microns for writing labels for quilts. And I usually buy a 05. Well, somehow I bought a 01. I must not have looked closely one day.

What a fortuitous mistake.

Right away I knew this pen was different. Such a tiny, special nib. A light touch from me and the finest of lines on the page. As someone who generally writes small and messy, the finer the nib the better. I thought I was doing well, but now it is so much better.

This Micron 01 is a game changer.

I know, it's just a pen. I get that. But this pen makes writing better. It draws line without the lines thinking too hard. This pen is the low volume fabric when the gorgeous moderns are just great too. It whispers for your attention and calms you to use it.

If you can't find any of these locally best check the desk drawer in my studio, I may buy them all just for me.


felicity said...

There's no such thing as "just a pen" - I made the same discovery not too long ago about how wonderful these pens are for paper. Pen nerds unite!

house on hill road said...

Microns are the best!

CapitolaQuilter said...

I discovered this gem of a pen when I bought a zentangle pen set and it was included. Love the LV comparison, so true.

Linda said...

They are the best as I discovered when I started to zentangle. I also journal with them in many colors.

Karen said...

I love discovering those small things that make life so pleasant, too. It really puts things in perspective!

Suzanne said...

I have always thought the finer pens transformed my chicken scratch into something more legible. You just gave credence to my theory.