28 October, 2014

Oh Canada, Indeed

There are times when all deadlines, all to do lists, all sense of personal responsibility go out the window because something much bigger happens. Last Wednesday morning I sat with a friend. We watched CBC, scrolled Twitter, tried to distract ourselves and her son. Her Dad was in lockdown in Parliament. The whole country held hostage by what we now know to be a lone wolf gunman, a radicalized young man with a lot of anger and problems. We sat that morning, not knowing, almost not wanting to know.

Then we knew. We knew the stories of the victim that day, of the shooter, of the soldier killed two days earlier.

Over the next few days we knew more about ourselves, our country, and those who serve for us - whether that be in a uniform or a suit. We saw soldiers stand tall in bravery, political rivals embrace, veterans receive long lost respect, communities gather around those so wrongly targeted. The country responded well, in my opinion. We cherish the ideals and values that make us Canadian - freedom, multiculturalism, peace, openness. Those were not shot that day. In fact, they grow stronger.

I'm just a quilter, no one who works greatly in the service for others aside from my family and community. This little piece of the world I occupy is a space I love to share and hope to use to inspire others. At the end of the day last week, when I finally turned off the news, got the scoop on the Parliamentary lock down, and sat quietly with a beer - hey, I AM Canadian - I did what I know to do: I sewed. I sewed the only thing that made sense to me at the time.

In a week of ups and downs, sadness and laughter, family and country, this is the one thing that's made sense to me.

After a year of sales I'm happy to write a cheque for $500 to Quilts of Valour for a portion of pattern sales for my Oh Canada pattern, as promised. With a second printing of the pattern underway I expect to donate even more in the coming year. 


Patsy said...

I Know, it is so sad that others just don't know love but only hate, and want to change the world to darkness.

elle said...

The country responded well!!!!


God bless us, eh!

Ladyquiltsalot said...

Thank you

Brenda said...

It is because of all the chaos out there that I had to get your 'Oh Canada' pattern and am now in the process of collecting fabrics for it. It will be a project for when I get some things done here - but it will happen and soon.

I really like the pattern cover with all the flags different colours - but love the reds shown in this post. We are such a diverse group, us Canadians that the flag of many colours just speaks to me - so that is what I am collecting, but I just might have to a red one for my hubby - he loves our flag and it would be nice in his trailer when he is at work. He already has a flag in there, why not a quilt!! :-)

Thanks for the pattern and all you do. Keep smiling and enjoy your sewing days!!

SeaBreeze Quilts said...

We were thinking of you all from down here in Australia. We feel we have a lot in common - we are BIG countries with small populations; we like to think we are open - not sure we are as open as we used to be; we have people from many cultures living here together. We watched in horror as the news emerged, then watched in admiration as Canadians demonstrated moderate, intelligent and deeply heartfelt responses to last week's events. Such a role model for the rest of the world! Prayers and hugs from down here. All the best Cheryl.

Karen said...

I watched this horrific news in tears. The next day I watched the Parliament respond to the events. What I saw was a nation united by compassion for one another, responding with an emphasis on the service of the fallen young man, the courage of the Sergeant at Arms, the calm response of those in the building. Not hate, not revenge, not fear. I was especially struck by the Opposition Leader's statement about Canadians' emphasis on love--a word that our politicians would never dare use. As a Mainer here in the US, I wish our nation could learn from Canada.

Patti said...

It was quite a day indeed. I sought solace at my sewing machine too. (and my horse, but that's another story, lol!) I have never been more proud to be Canadian. And the small space I occupy feels a little more warmth in knowing the goodness that we as Canadians can demonstrate.

Anonymous said...

excellent post Cheryl. I am still baffled and saddened by this a week later. I can't wrap my head around how these acts of violence further anyones cause. How pulling innocent people into such madness and hatred produces anything else than more of the same towards such groups.
You have perhaps seen this already but Rex's words have probably given me the most comfort.

Anita said...

Hi Cheryl. Thank you for donating to Quilts of Valour. And thank you for this post. I had a rough day on Wednesday. We had to have a windshield replaced and the guy at the glass shop was making fun of the fact that I had come to pick up the van instead of my husband (because I had to get my son to a music lesson). He said my husband, a Canadian soldier with four tours of duty and many medals to show for it, was "too scared to come downtown." I guess my husband had told him he had to go home to change out of his uniform (as he's been ordered to do) and then I ended up going in his place. I was so shocked and angry that this man said this in front of me (as I was paying hundreds of dollars for the windshield no less!). It's good to know that is not the general thoughts and feelings of Canadians. I love this pattern of yours and as you may know from Instagram I have made a quilt of valour with it for a soldier with PTSD who had worked as a nurse at the Kanadahar Airfield Hospital. I truly hope that we have no more incidents in Canada as we have had recently.