06 October, 2014

Malka Dubrawsky's 10 Ways to Love Improvisational Quilting

If you've ever read this blog even once before you know that I have a true passion for improvised piecing. I love the freedom it gives the quilter, the devil may care attitude that guides my actions, the creative challenges it provides. As a teacher, however, I know that all of this represents a serious challenge for many. I also know that people embrace improv at different levels and for different reasons.

That is why I am so excited for Malka Dubrawsky's new CreativeLive class: 10 Ways to Love Improvisational Quilting. It airs this week, on Wednesday and Thursday, October 8-9. In the class Malka will be covering different improv techniques and ways to get the most out of improv - for yourself and your sewing.

There are many ways to approach improv. I enjoy being a student of improv as much as I love to teach it. We all face a pile of fabric differently, and I don't mean by which side of the sewing machine it lives on. Knowing how to break down the concept of improvising and the many paths to a quilt is a skill. I'm quite looking forward to seeing how Malka does it.

If you aren't familiar with CreativeLive, they are a unique on-line learning platform. With a pile of classes on photography, creative businesses, making, music, and life they are a ripe with information and inspiration. They livestream classes, for free! Then you, the student, can buy them afterwards as well. I've watched a handful so far and I find them to be tremendously professional and full of information.

To watch the class live, just log in to the CreativeLive site on the day. Better yet, RSVP in advance and you will get a gorgeous new booklet that Malka created just for this, for you.

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In the meantime, what do you love/hate about improv piecing?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved discovering Malka through her first book and I love her use of colour, looks like a new book will need ordering :)