23 September, 2014

Sunday Morning Quilt in Solids

Hello New Quilt! Despite my best intention to forge ahead and finish the stack of quilts awaiting binding, quilting, and more, I HAD to start a new quilt. And I'm totally justifying it because I wanted a new sample for a class.

Do the blocks there look familiar? It may be hard to pick out, but these are the same blocks that are in the Sunday Morning pattern from Sunday Morning Quilts. The original quilt is full of low volume goodness, whispering of Sunday morning delights. I think it might be the most made quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts (after slabs). At least, it is the one I see the most online.

I'm teaching Sunday Morning in a upcoming class at My Sewing Room. While I knew I wanted to make a new sample for the class - to show that you can indeed make it without using low volume fabrics - I wasn't entirely sure what fabrics I was going to use. Then I saw Amanda Jean playing with her solid scraps. Now, if you've been here for any length of time you know that I am not naturally drawn to solids. But her play with scraps got me jazzed. I NEEDED to make something with solids.

So I pulled out my leftovers from the preschool teacher's quilt and 'made scraps'. After making 5 blocks I realized I wasn't going to get very far with just my selection of solids. So I put the call out to my Calgary Modern Quilt Guild friends. When I got to the meeting last week I was handed bags and bags of strips and scraps. I don't even know who all shared with me, but I know that I am extremely grateful!

Now I have practically every colour under the rainbow and all in between. I can tell by feel that there are many different manufacturers in this pile. And it all works so well together.

My initial plan was to just make a small quilt, something easily transportable for classes. It goes against my every nature to work small, but I was determined to make it this time. Portability, portability, portability. But plans change.

While I was making a few blocks the girls sidled into the sewing room. Curiosity and a need for a little snuggle led to a full blown sewing lesson. The week before I'd taught them both how to use the machine all by themselves - with supervision. So when they asked to sew I decided that they could help me make blocks as opposed to starting a new project with them. What began as a selfish desire on my part to not clean up turned into a family project. They are so into making the blocks. They carefully select their next strips, they chain piece and press all by themselves, and yes, they unsew when necessary. There are still some lessons to learn about seam allowance and leaving the iron in the correct position, but we're getting there. 

So now, I don't want to make this just a small quilt. This is well and truly a family quilt and so it must grow to accommodate all five of us. Besides, I think it is getting pretty gorgeous and don't want to stop making.

If you are local and interested in taking the class, call My Sewing Room to register. It runs in the evenings on October 16 and 23. 403-252-3711


liz said...

I love solid quilts and think yours will be terrific. And I adore that your girls are helping bring it to life!

Tracy James said...

I love the foot pedal on the stool! I've wondered about the logistics when I think my granddaughter is old enough to safely learn to sew, but is still small.

Suzanne said...

How fantastic to have everyone jump in and contribute.

cauchy09 said...

looking lovely! and it's great to have so much community involvement from the fabrics to the family sewing. yay!

Patti said...

It makes me happy just to see your quilt top coming together. Happy colours. And the photo of your daughter reminds me of when mine started quilting with me. She took a bit of a hiatus but has picked it up again at 20. Something we can share. Enjoy!

JaneB said...

The blocks picture and the great bundle of scraps just makes me happy. Enjoy the new adventure of quilting with your daughters. Mine turned out to be a knitter, but we can still share our passion for color & texture!

whatknotgirls crafts said...

It it so striking! How fun to have your friends give you bags of scraps!

charlotte said...

I really like this quilt in solids. And I love that is is a family quilt project. Can't wait to see it done.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

It's grand, I love wide stripes and solid colors. I love that the kids are in on the creating.