22 August, 2014

Friday Favourites - Susan Connor Linen Throw

As a quilter there seems to be no real reason to purchase a blanket. Sure, most of us quilters give away more quilts than we keep. But with all the book quilts and family requests, there are a few dozen quilts in my house. So, really, I didn't need to buy another blanket.

Then I saw Susan Connor's work. And I needed a birthday pick me up a few months back. And well, it is just gorgeous.

We've had a gorgeous summer here, so even a linen throw has been superfluous. I use it for a bit in the morning when I decide to take my tea outside. And this past week I was under the weather and there was a sudden chill in the air, so I lived with this gorgeousness wrapped around me. It feels so luxurious. I have a feeling I will use this a lot more as the weather starts to turn. Instead of a sweater, and before I need my swobe, this will be on my shoulders.

Susan starts with a linen and block prints her own designs on it. She has a selection of colours and designs. As tempting as navy was, I was smitten with this aqua colour the second she previewed it on Instagram. And this particular print has the feel of an infinity symbol to me and I really like that aspect. And the raw edges show off the weave of the linen beautifully as the warp and weft are different colours.

Keeping her work personal and on the small scale for collections allow her to produce nearly custom products, with an ever changing inventory. Supporting a small scale artist with the purchase of their creations is definitely my preferred method of shopping for goods.

Now, if only I could convince Susan to send her scraps my way...


dolores said...

Ack! That's beautiful...thanks for telling us about her! Now I know what to ask for at present time!:)

dolores said...
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Patti said...

It is a lovely throw. Perfect for summer. Just perused her website. Beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing her with us.

susan said...

Cheryl! Thank you so much for such a sweet post. I am over the moon that you like your throw and are using it. I realized I didn't answer your question about scraps! I do believe I have a few, so I'll get them together as I go and send an email your way.

Yes, the double-print reminded me of an infinity too. I thought nobody else would see it. But, it is there : ) You are proof.

With appreciation, Susan

Charlotta said...

It is beautiful - and I know exactly what you mean! I'm often tempted by blankets and throws as well. I think it's probably because they feel and seem so much like quilts, that I, as a quilter, am so attracted to them, so I don't think it's strange, nevertheless, I do try not to buy them.
I live in Kentucky, which is pretty warm almost all the time, so I don't even need very many quilts, much less extra blankets!