08 August, 2014

Friday Favourites - Saltwater Sandals

The only reason I have these sandals is because of social media. Until a few years ago I'd never heard of Saltwater Sandals. But there I was checking out Flickr and Twitter and even blogs and I kept seeing photos of feet in these pretty sandals. A little bit old fashioned, but rather fashionable too. Well, in my opinion at least.

It took a year before I could buy them. And even when I did it was a convoluted process because they are practically impossible to get in Canada, at least in any functional size or a cool colour. I couldn't even order them off a US site because they all wanted US credit cards and shipping addresses. That's where the internet came in handy again. Because of this blog and my quilting I have friends all over the US now. And some of them are even willing to spend money on my behalf!

So thanks to Jen I started getting an annual order. Sandals for both me and the girls. We did skip this year though because my two pairs (I have yellow as well) are still in such good condition even with near daily wear for 3 months straight in the summer.

Saltwater sandals are so comfortable. They aren't for people with arch issues though as they have zero support. But I found there to be no breaking in.

They are leather, but they can get wet. Like, stepping in a lake wet. Or running through the splash park wet. The latter was why my girls liked them so much.

Me, I like them because they are so pretty. And frankly, it's pretty awesome that I don't see anyone else here in Calgary with them. I do like to be unique.


Pamela Lynne said...

OMG, reading your post on the saltwater sandal brings back such memories. Growing up on the western side of the US, they are quite popular. I remember begging my parents for a pair when I was about 11 or so, and I just fell in love. Both my little brother, then 3 or 4 and my little sister -2-, had them and I thought they were so very cute. I made sure that my kids wore them growing up, if for no other reason than the nostalgia.
Thanks for making me smile.

Gayle Fahrion said...

I went to high school from 1975 to 1979 and for one year they were the "it" summer footwear. I saw an adult wearing them a couple of years ago and tried so hard to find them on line but I couldn't remember their name. I saw them on a few quilt blogs this spring and got the needed info. I was just too late, the adult sizes are rare and go so fast! I do need a pair or two. So does my big Sis, she just doesn't know it yet. Thanks for the sharing.

Shannyn said...

!!! I just googled these cuz I thought they were cool. AND LO AND BEHOLD they are now Available In Canada!!!! (I'm in Toronto, and I feel your no US Address pain)
So yay! www.saltwatersandals .ca!

Philippa Gelinas said...

I've been watching these for a bit too...but the only colour available on the .ca site is yellow. ...and Alberta retailers. hmmmm

Philippa Gelinas said...

hmmmm...looks like these guys ship.

Philippa Gelinas said...

ooo these guys ship!!!! Great selection. One pair of size 10 fuschia are on their way! Will be awesome for my NZ trip in Jan. :-)


SeeLifeMarvels said...

They are a pretty color! And here's to online friends who become "real" friends.