04 July, 2014

Friday Favourites - Soakbox

With two little girls in the house manicures are ever present. My nails always look horrible - I can barely make it out of a salon without wrecking a manicure. But that never stops me from buying pretty colours. So when a certain Monster was turning 8 last month we upped our game in terms of nail polish.

Soak, makers of the awesome laundry wash for knits and lingerie as well as the lovely Flatter pressing spray also has these curated collection of custom nail polish sets put together by fabric designers. Lizzy House, Denyse Schmidt, Sandi Henderson, and Fig Tree & Co each have a set. Four custom colours packed in a box created by the designer herself. And, on top of that, you could give yourself a custom manicure inspired by the fabric itself!

The one below was given to me for my book signing at Quilt Market last year.

I was away the week of The Monster's birthday and had the pleasure of teaching at The Workroom again. After my class Jacqueline Sava, the creator and creative drive behind Soak, came to visit. We hung out, chatted, picked fabric, drank champagne, and generally laughed away an afternoon. Aside from the fact that she's a pretty awesome person (and so funny and taller than me!) I adore that her company is Canadian. I always look to support businesses from home wherever possible.

Now, I have a few more choices when the girls ask to do my nails. And boy do they ask. Or they take to it themselves. Truth be told, they work so hard at perfecting their manicures that they've been known to paint and repaint their nails for hours!


eva said...

i'd never heard of soak polish....must check it out..
chwk bc

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