21 March, 2014

Friday Favourites - Inuvik Thimble

With the smell of campfire wafting through each stitch I sit and bind this vintage quilt. My thimble is made of moose hide tanned by the Inuvialuit near Inuvik. And beaded so preciously. It is my new favourite thing.

 - It is pretty and dainty and tough at the same time.

- It reminds me of the people in Inuvik, namely my students, who were awesome and listened to my enthusiasm.

- It works really, really well.

Let's bind all the quilts.


Tina Short said...

I loved reading about your trip, it was very interesting having previously only seen that area through the eyes of 'Ice Road Truckers'! The thimble is exquisite, it looks too precious to use.

Leanne said...

I want one of those, I don't suppose you have any extras to sell or trade or know a source?

Rhonda said...

I would be interested in one myself. Any online links to where a person might get one?