15 January, 2014

Cataloguing the Scraps

So I designed a quilt. It uses 36 fat quarters but there are some leftovers and scraps. Such pretty scraps. I know people hate to see waste and overly generous yardage requirements in patterns. I do too. When I made the quilt I made a point to keep and organize all the scraps. Here they are.

They could combine to do some really fun and beautiful things. Instead of using the extra blocks on the back I kept them aside and they will be used in a baby quilt. There are all those circles cut from the back of larger circles appliqués. They could be another small quilt if appliquéd on a background. Then there are strips and snippets and trimmings. The fabrics are this Vanity Fair bundle from Dear Stella plus a lot of additions from my stash. All pretty. All useful.

Oh the possibilities!

When the pattern comes out in the Spring issue of Quilter's Connection we can talk more about the scraps - how they came to be and what I may have even done with them by then.


Leanne said...

I need to figure out what to do with my scraps to make them easier to use and then use them up. I am looking forward to seeing your quilt.

teresa said...

I love that collection! Should I stash a fat quarter bundle to wait for your design?

elle said...

They do look good and useful!

Suzanne said...

This post reminds me of when people cook and incorporate the leftovers into a new dish. Sometimes the ingredients retain their integrity and other times, something new and totally wonderful emerges. Clearly that happens when you are the chef.

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