13 December, 2013

Friday Favourites - Douglas the Monsternaut

I cannot tell a lie. I am generally opposed to stuffies. Softies, stuffed animals, teddy bears, whatever you want to call them. I refuse to buy them for my own kids and you will never see me getting them as a gift for someone. To clarify, I am not opposed to the idea of them, or the making of them. But as a mother to three kids I am opposed to the idea of them in my house. And the thing I dread most when a new baby made their appearance in our place was not the sleepless nights or colic, it was the new crop of stuffies people felt the need to bring over.

It would be one thing if they had one special stuffie, like The Evil Genius and her Tiger. But we all know that it is impossible to predict what item will become the special thing, the IT. Tiger was a random hand off from family of friends who had it for some reason and will never have kids. Now that thing is loved on in ways that make you not want to touch it. There is not special person behind it, no outpouring of love. No, those are all in the stuffies that live in a box, never seeing the light of day.

That guy up there is Douglas. He is the first of three stuffies we've ever purchased for our children. Just writing that I am in shock that we bought that many. For the record, two were purchased by Hubby.

Douglas came to us when we were on our last trip before The Evil Genius was born. The Monster was at home with Grandma. Some adult only shopping can be dangerous when you are hormonal and you've never really left the kid before. But how could you resist that face? And then we found out his name was Douglas, which was my FIL's name. And he's Canadian. And well, he's damn cute.

I'm happy to say he is a loved one. Not every night in bed kind of loved, but loved for couch cuddles and make believe. He's sitting in my sewing room right now because his little antenna needs some attention. The Monster just came in here for a morning cuddle and instead of me she went straight for Douglas. It may just take a bit longer for Mama to fix him because I kind of like his company.

Douglas and many more awesome creatures are available from Monster Factory. Just in case you are lacking in stuffies.


Cheryl said...

I'm with you on the stuffies madnes. Although I am not above passing them off to others. Ox our ugly doll is one of my only exceptions!

Janet said...

When I was a child I had one stuffie which was a small dog stuffed with sawdust - so it did not really fit the stuffie bill. But I loved it and was devastated when it developed a sawdust leak and my mother threw it away when I was out of the house. My children and my grandchildren can have all the stuffies they want. When the pile gets too big we pass some of them on.

Anonymous said...

We have Pierre from the monster factory! Like you can't stand stuffier in the house


Patti said...

lol!! We were buried in stuffies at our house. I have no particular bias against them...unless they made noise. I was not above yanking wires from their insides! We all have our "things". Thanks for the chuckle!

Deb Cox said...

Thank you so much Cheryl for letting us know about the "Canadian" Monster Factory. What fun to be had in the future when the budget allows! Thanks for the post as usual. Always enjoy and look forward to seeing you there. Happy Holidays to each and everyone. Ho, Ho, and Ho again.

ann said...

I have the same aversion to stuffies. Can't really explain it. I'm not a germaphobe, with 4 kids that would insane to try. There is just something about them that make me cringe. I, too, have never bought a stuffier as a present and have been known to squirrel away any interlopers until such time as I could tag 'em and bag 'em. Maybe it's a Canadian thing?