05 November, 2013

Some Modern Opportunities

Putting aside the use of Modern Quilting as a term to define a trend, or make something seem trendy even when it isn't really a modern quilt, there are some changes afoot in the traditional quilting world that I wanted to share with you.

Quilt Canada 2014, the big show, conference, and workshops put on by the Canadian Quilters Association added Modern to its categories for the National Juried Show. For my American friends, this is the equivalent of the show in Houston for Canadians. The CQA worked with The Modern Quilt Guild to define the category and judging criteria. Entries are open to Canadians - including Canadian citizens living elsewhere. (Oh, and I'll be teaching there for four days...)

Enter here.

Did you notice there are some pretty hefty cash prizes?

Closer to home, the Calgary Stampede's Western Showcase also added a modern category to its quilt show. The Western Showcase is quite a wonderful part of The Stampede. A little oasis of calm and creativity in the midst of the midway, rodeo, and wallet draining. And it isn't all just horses and cowboys there either.

Entries aren't open yet, but stayed tuned to the Western Showcase site, entries will open at some point in the new year.

Putting yourself out there by entering a show is a scary thing, I know that. And show quilts are not necessarily the quilts you snuggle up with on the couch. Sure, your entry may not be accepted and it is quite easy to wholeheartedly disagree with any comments from the judges. That being said, entering a show is a new experience, a challenge, and rather exciting. I urge you to consider it, put any fears aside, and jump in feet first. Don't worry, I checked the water, there are no sharks. Just a lot of black drapes and white gloves.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Best of luck with the shows and your teaching. I sure wish I could get to your neck of the woods someday to take a class from you. I love your work.

elle said...

How great to be teaching, Cheryl! GO....

Jennyroo said...

Calgary Stampede and a modern quilt prize? Sounds (quite literally) right up your alley!