05 August, 2013

At Home Retreat

Somehow, someway, this week is going to be a bit of a retreat. At least I hope it will be.

My SIL is here to sew, but so are two of my nieces and nephews. The four big kids are in camp, so The Garbage Truck is still home. He's getting into everything and being a teething, sucky, creature. I hope he'll let me sew. Fingers crossed.

On my list:
Slab quilts!!! (1630 slabs in my sewing room as of this moment.)
Finish my voile quilt top
Play with these colourful fabrics
Get that last hand stitching done on the binding of the anniversary beast.
Start a baby quilt

I predict only one or two things on that list will get tackled in between thrift store shopping, drinking gin and tonics after picking up the kids from camp, and that cuteness of a baby bothering me.

My SIL is hoping to get two baby quilts at least pieced. This is her fabric pull for the boy quilt. And, as I type, she is nearly done cutting things to make a shwack of half square triangles for the quilt.


Lee D said...

I'll help make a dent in those slabs !

Leanne said...

I hope you have fun!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Wish I were close enough to take GT off your immediate hands and play with him while you all sew. He's as cute as they come, isn't he ?~!

Best of August to you, Cheryl.

Colleen said...

OMG 1630 !!!

Nancy said...

Fantastic - 1630!! I wish I lived closer to help you with them.

Bonnie C. said...

Too far away to help quilt but can't wait to see the results. I enjoyed making six of those 1630 and am overwhelmed at the support! Go Quilters.