02 May, 2013

Superior Quilt Show

I'm not sure how many people go to Thunder Bay and say they had an awesome time (unless you are from a town in Northern Ontario and Thunder Bay counts as the big city) but I am officially one of them.

Last weekend I spent three days in Thunder Bay. Three very intense and fun days. I met some wonderful people who were incredibly generous of their time and spirit. I taught such an eager group of students that I was jazzed at the end of each day when they were tuckered out. And they all learned to embrace their scraps. I laughed in front of a crowd of over 100 as I told my stories and shared my quilts. I eagerly walked the show floor (and spent money) to take in the full range of quilts from thread painting to modern and everything in between.

(Made and quilted by Wendy Currie)

I walked on the waterfront of a still iced over Lake Superior (at least by the shore) and took pictures of the most awesome public sculptures ever. I drank beer with an air traffic controller/quilter. And all while keeping company with a carousel horse.

Thank-you very much to the Thunder Bay Quilt Guild for bringing me to your city, your show. it was wonderful.


elle said...

Maybe 25 years ago I visited my friend in TBay and she took me to the National quilt show display at the university. I was hooked! I also luv the smell of the lake and the sound of the shore birds as I spent my early school days on Hudson's Bay. Good memories!

Beth said...

I have been trying to my friends dto do a Thunder Bay Retreat for years. Maybe if I keep after them. I sure wish I had been there for your class.

Pomegranate Quilts said...

I really love those photos from the workshop, and all those works-in-progress, wow!

karen said...

I love Thunder Bay. My family is from there and I still have lots of aunts, uncles, cousins there. Spent every summer there on a lake and I would retire there if I could. Glad you had a good time. :)

karen said...

Also - your picture of the Sleeping Giant makes me wistful. :)