31 May, 2013

Friday Favourite - Coral

Somewhere between pink and orange lies the color coral. Sometimes bright, reminiscent of the dream coral of the ocean. Sometimes soft and not quite peachy. Whatever you do, don't call it salmon.

I'm on a coral kick lately - picking, gathering, and hoarding my new love. From light to dark, soft to bright, coral makes my heart sing. Dreams of swimming in the sunshine of the sea carry forward. Blooms that capture the central part of the sun's rays. Or just the tempting blush of a smile.


(Don't be surprised if you see some coral added to these blocks.)


Nancy said...

This used to be my favorite color until our neighbors painted their house this color. I'm warming up to it again and collecting fabrics. Sometimes I call it peach but maybe peach is a little more orange. Anyway, your photograph is fabulous because it shows so many tints, shades, and variations of the color. Lovely.

Ray and Jeanne said...

I love the color coral. One day recently, I was in 9 different fabric shops and found only 4 coral fabrics - it is hard to find in the Midwest, USA.

Lee D said...

I am warming up to coral. I have deep coral inpatients in my front garden. It does seem to be a popular colour this year fashion wise. I know I have non in my stash!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I have had a love affair with coral for awhile now. Always love the corals of my summer flowers. Have several t-shirts this color and have been collecting coral fabrics too. Really like how it looks with pinks and oranges and hope to make a quilt this summer with that scheme.

janequiltsslowly said...

My daughter has asked for a new quilt in turquoise, aqua, grey and coral. I'm excited to try and make it!